3 Heart-Shaped Products for Women’s Heart Week

3 Heart-Shaped Products for Women’s Heart Week

The first week of February marks this year’s celebration of women’s heart week, which aims to raise awareness about the symptoms of heart disease in women and ways it can be prevented. According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women of all races and ages. It is important to ensure women are educated on the topic so they can fight against it and understand the signs early on. 

If you’re looking to raise awareness about heart disease this women’s heart week, look no further than Specialist ID. We have all the top products you need to spread the word without sacrificing function or style. Here are some of our heart-shaped favorites:

1. Heart-Shaped Badge Reel

Nothing gets people talking like a stylish badge reel. Our heart-shaped badge reel is a classic choice for this women’s heart week! Whether you work in an office setting or on the floors of a hospital, this product can be a stylish addition to your work uniform. Because of its rotating swivel spring clip, you can pull the 34" retractable cord in any direction, reducing wear and tear on the product. There is no need to remove the clip for use: just attach your keys or credentials, hook the badge reel to any clothing, and start spreading the word on women’s heart health!

2. Heart-Shaped EKG-Themed Badge Reel

Another product that will work wonders this week is our heart-shaped EKG-themed badge reel. Popular with those who work in healthcare, this badge reel is not only heart-shaped but features an EKG symbol on the front. These exams are one of the screening measures used to determine an individual’s heart health, so it is fitting to highlight it this week. Like our other badge reels, this product is compatible with all clothing and features a retractable nylon cord for swipe access. If you work in healthcare, use this product to educate your patients on the benefits of heart testing and promote women’s heart health!

3. Custom Heart-Shaped Badge Reel

If you are looking for a more personal product, our custom heart-shaped badge reel is perfect for you. With this item, you can select a logo or artwork to be displayed on the front of the heart-shaped badge. This is a fantastic choice for those who work in an office setting where a company logo can be printed on the front while still getting the message of heart health out there. Additionally, if you know someone who has passed or is suffering from heart disease, you can print their picture or a logo for their cause on this badge to honor them and raise awareness of heart disease overall.

Want to learn more about our products? Head to Specialist ID for our other badge reels, as well as our badge buddies, lanyards, and badge holders.
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