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4 Must-Have Holiday Badges For This 4th Of July

The 4th of July is nearly here, which means it’s time for barbecue, hotdogs, fireworks, and parties with friends and family. The more people who attend your event, the more likely those guests might not know each other. Holiday badges can be a great way to introduce your guests to one another. They help people remember each other’s names and make connections. 

Additionally, ID badges can help your attendees identify key members of your 4th of July event should you choose to have it at a public place like a park or at the beach. For example, people can find each other more easily by noticing badges, and some badges allow for additional information like volunteer roles.

There are a lot of options for badges, some horizontal and some vertical, so if you’d like guidance for selecting the best badge for you, here are our 4 must-have holiday badges for this 4th of July.

Blank Badge Buddies

The most basic badge also allows the most potential—the Blank Badge Buddy is laminated, you can wear it above any photo or identification you may have, and you can write directly on it. This allows the most variety, so you can write your name, age, occupation, nickname, or any invented moniker to suit the theme of your 4th of July event.

Blank badges are the best way to help strangers introduce themselves and remember each other. So the more people attending the party, the more badges we recommend you supply.

COVID-19 Vaccinated Badge Buddies

Similar to the blank badge buddies, this COVID-19 Vaccinated Badge earns its place due to current health concerns and, depending on the 4th of July venue, may be a necessary upgrade from the basic badge. On the 4th of July, many businesses will request masks from those not vaccinated while also not enforcing the mandate. It would take an abundance of time and effort to verify everyone, and that’s if the vaccinated customers even carry their vaccination cards.

However, wearing a COVID-19 Vaccination Badge can solve most problems regarding identifying those vaccinated. When hosting a 4th of July event, stock up on blank badges along with vaccination badges and  allow your attendees to choose their badge. 

Volunteer Lanyard With Badge Sets

For big events with many attendees, recruiting volunteers from friends, family, or professionals can help your 4th of July go smoothly. The Volunteer Lanyard can help your attendees identify volunteers through a crowd and receive help much faster than if they traversed the venue in search of volunteers. Plus, these badges feature sturdy clips and flexible material to ensure resistance and longevity.

Large Passes For Men and Women Restrooms

If you’re hosting a party or event this 4th of July, restroom badges can help maintain the cleanliness of your restroom. For small get-togethers, you may prefer to leave the restroom unlocked, but where the Restroom Pass shines is in larger events. By keeping track of how many people have entered the restroom, you or a volunteer can periodically inspect the bathroom’s cleanliness. Plus, if your 4th of July event will also be open to the public, whether you invite your neighborhood or post on Facebook, it’s a good idea to regulate some areas of your venue—be it your house or a rented space.  

The 4th of July is exciting, fun, and an overall great experience for celebrating independence. We hope our 4 must-have recommendations help you manage your 4th of July event, party, or get-together. Specialist ID is here to help! Contact us any time for help with badges, lanyards and other identifiers.
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