Traveling Over the Holidays? We've Got You Covered

Traveling Over the Holidays? We've Got You Covered

Happy holidays! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, spread joy, and spend time with loved ones. With family near and far this season, you might be preparing for a big trip in the coming weeks. Making sure you stay organized and keep track of all your belongings is essential to a smooth journey both to and from your destination. No need to stress! Here at Specialist ID, we have everything you need to ace the airport this holiday season. 

Here are some of our favorite travel essentials that are a must for your upcoming trip. Take a look:

1. Retractable Badge Holder

Badge holders are a fantastic addition to your trip this holiday season. Because they secure your standard card-sized credentials, they are a great resource for storing any necessary identification or tagging your luggage. These ID holders protect your credentials from harm while keeping them ready for repeated use at security checkpoints.

Try our Cruising Through Life Retractable Badge Holder! This product features a heavy-duty, retractable lanyard made from high-quality, breathable fabric. It has five attachable vinyl badge holders that enclose your belongings and shield them from scammers through RFID-blocking technology. With this product, the whole family gets an upgrade!







2. Vertical Badge Holder

Only shopping for yourself? Our Premium Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder is the perfect choice. This product protects and displays your ID card information through its see-through vinyl exterior. The slot and chain holes on the top of the badge holder make attaching your favorite lanyardbadge reel, or chain easy. The material also allows smart chips to be used and read without removing the card.


3. Breakaway Lanyards

Lanyards are another excellent way to keep track of your belongings on your next trip. They keep your essentials close and secure, allowing you to attach your identification or keys for safekeeping. They come in multiple styles— including breakaway and non-breakaway— for added safety or durability. Be sure to grab one for the upcoming season to ensure your trip is organized and efficient.

Our Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard is the product of the season. Fitted with a detachable swivel hook for attaching ID badges, it is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional ID transport. It comes with a breakaway clasp and is the perfect size for displaying credentials. Grab this breakaway lanyard and keep your hands free this holiday season!



Head to Specialist ID for more on our lanyards, badge holders, and other products for traveling.

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