How to Purchase Wholesale ID Badge Holders & Lanyards for an Event

When youre planning a major event, whether its a corporate, community, or sports-related, supplying the right ID badge holders can make all the difference between your event being just another thing or being the exclusive affair that everyone wants to attend. Visually, there is only one thing that separates the wanna-bes from your preferred guests ID badge holders!

ID Badge holders and lanyards can distinguish VIPs from regular attendees. It also serves as a great way to determine who has access to your event and who doesnt. This prevents any crashers from coming in, eating your food, and snatching any swag bags that were reserved for your planned guests. Badge IDs and lanyards help security sift out the imposters. It also serves as a savvy advertisement. Depending on which kind of badge holder and lanyard you get, each of your guests can be a walking billboard of your company brand.

Specialist ID has a variety of ID badge holders and lanyard options. While you can certainly have your pick from all of the badge holders and then select the perfect lanyard to create a unique badge ID set, we also stock a selection of lanyards and badge holders sets that are available in bulk.

Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holders

These waterproof badge holders come in a variety of transparent colors. They are the ideal badge holder for waterparks, resorts, beaches, and country clubs. Because this is a name brand set, the price for this badge holder and lanyard duo stays at a static price of $6.95 a unit.

Premium Color 3 Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard

Nothing screams exclusive like a premium color vinyl badge holder. This 3-pocket keepsake can substitute as your temporary wallet tagged securely around your neck with an adjustable 48 cord. The front pocket is designed with a clear vinyl window to display your ID.

Black EK One Hander Holder with Detachable Lanyard by EK USA

Nothing says exclusive VIP than an EK USA badge holder. These heavy-duty sleek and attractive badge holders come with a detachable FIPS 201 approved lanyard composed of 100% pure nylon rope measuring at 22 in diameter. The best feature about the Black EK One Hander Holder is that you can scan your ID without having to take the card out.

Watch this video demonstration on the Black EK One Hander Holder:

EK Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Dual Sided RFID Shielded ID Badge Holder

This badge holder and lanyard duo, also designed by EK USA, allows you to be patriotic with its red, white, and blue detachable lanyard. The RFID blocking cardholder secures up to 2 standard sized ID cards.

Government Size Horizontal Color-Bar Badge Holder with Lanyard

This is going to be the least expensive option. This color assortment of badge holders and adjustable lanyards comes in 7 different colors located at the top of each clear vinyl badge holder that also matches the lanyards.

Place your order for any of these ID badge holders and lanyard sets online or call a Specialist ID representative at 1-800-380-6726. You can even contact us online.

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