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Government Size 3 3/8 X 2 9/16 Horizontal Color-Bar Badge Holder with Lanyard (1860-280X)

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Part number: 1860-2801

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  • Government Size
  • Horizontal Vinyl
  • Color-Bar Badge Holder
  • Neck Cord
  • Part Numbers: 1860-2801 Black, 1860-2802 Blue, 1860-2804 Green, 1860-2805 Orange, 1860-2806 Red, 1860-2808 White, 1860-2809 Yellow

Government Size 3 3/8 X 2 9/16 Horizontal Color-Bar Badge Holder with Adjustable Length Lanyard (1860-280X)

Government Size vinyl color-bar badge holder with lanyard, part number, 1860-280X has been used by the military, teachers, and government agencies to split students into groups for training or group exercises. They are about 20mm longer than standard credit card sized ID cards.

Simply place your government/military oversize ID inside (Insert Size 2 9/16" X 3 5/8") where it will horizontally display your ID card horizontal, and the color-coded bars allow for the groups to be split in to 7 difference colored groups.

After you distribute the IDs to the students the 36" lanyard included will match the color on the color coded bar. The adjustable cord lock can be used to adjust the size of the loop on the lanyard. The clear vinyl allows the ID badge to be seen while being protected. Use to color code different groups.

We have these colored lanyard badge holder combos in 7 different colors for you to choose from: (1860-2801) Black, (1860-2802) Blue, (1860-2804) Green, (1860-2805) Orange, (1860-2806) Red, (1860-2808) White, (1860-2809) Yellow.