ID Badge Supplies: 5 Tips for Getting the Most for Your Money

If you find the right kind of ID badge supplier, you should be able to get a generous discount on your order if you buy in bulk. Buying in bulk will save your company more money, because the distributor can afford to reduce the unit cost providing you with wholesale savings.

ID Badge Holder Supplies

If you were to get all of your ID badge supplies from a local office supply store, you will not only pay the wholesale price of each badge holder, you'll also pay the mark up price for that seller to make a profit. So, the smartest thing to do is cut out the middleman and purchase your ID badge supplies in bulk at the wholesale price.

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor located in the South Florida area has a wide selection of badge holders that come in a variety of styles and colors suited for any kind of use. We have badge holders for waitresses, security guards, schools, government agencies, sporting events, corporate events any kind of event or operation that would require the use of a visible ID badge.

Specialist ID has everything from rigidvinylRFID blocking badge holders, badge reels, lanyards and more. If you plan on purchasing your ID badge supplies in bulk, first take a look at all of our inventory and let us help you decide which kind would make an ideal badge holding set for your company's needs.

This actually should be #1, but we didn't want to state the obvious! Finding a reputable ID badge supplier is crucial when it comes to having some type of consistency to presenting your personnels ID badge.

Typically, a company will have some type of company colors. To match this uniformity, its best to find a supplier who has an unlimited amount of ID badge holders that are available in your preferred color.

Many purchasers might be able to order their supply of ID badge holders online only to discover that the company is out of stock when it comes time to replenish the order. You wont run into this kind of problem with Specialist ID. You'll also be able to place recurring online orders by creating your own personal account through our website.

Time can be an important factor when it comes to ordering supplies. Find out what your suppliers delivery policy is. With Specialist ID, even though we fulfill bulk orders at a discount price, we dont require a minimum order unless it is a customized request. Purchasers can expect to receive their ID badges in 2 to 6 business days. Orders are shipped out within 24 hours of processing the orders.

Speaking of customization, Specialist ID offers purchasers the convenience of creating their own specialized Badge Buddy, badge reel, and lanyard online. Youll be able to see exactly how your ID badge holder will look before placing the order.

Want more helpful tips? Contact a Specialist ID representative today at 1-800-380-6726 or use our online form to ask any questions you might have.

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