Why Hospital Administration Should Implement Wearing A Badge Holder

Why Hospital Administration Should Implement Wearing A Badge Holder

Working in a hospital has always been a demanding job. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the regulations staff has to abide by are an added part of work life. Another part of work life is having an ID on you at all times. It says your name and occupation, and allows you to access certain parts of the building. To keep it safe, hospital administration should implement badge holders for all staff to wear.

Keep It Protected

A standard size vinyl badge sleeve keeps your ID safe from liquids and potential scratches. Constant handling of an ID can cause the ink to fade over time. With a protector covering it, the test and pictures on an ID will last longer. Without it, your organization might have to reprint IDs at a higher rate because they will become difficult to read. Having visible credentials is important to any organization, and making sure they are able to be scanned or swiped is also important. The life of an ID can be stretched out for many years with something keeping it covered. 

Can Be Worn On Your Arm

In fast-paced environments, an arm band badge holder may be the best option for wearing your ID. It keeps your ID away from your arms and prevents any tangling with other objects. This band adjusts on your arm and stays in place the entire day. Having your badge on a lanyard can pose to be a safety hazard in some circumstances. While you are moving around, the lanyard can also move around in front of you. When bending down, it can also get in the way of what you are trying to do. It can be an annoyance to have to move it around when doing other tasks. However, you may still need your ID to be shown at all times. Having your identification on your arm and away from distractions is a great alternative to wearing it around your neck and will still be visible to all.

Prevents Loss

While having your ID on a clip attached to your shirt or pants is easy and convenient, it can get lost very easily. It can come off accidentally and never be found again. With your ID in a protective badge holder hanging from your favorite lanyard or badge reel, it becomes harder for it to fall off. If you remove your lanyard and it falls, it will be easier to hear because of the rigid plastic case. Also, your card will be safe from getting scratched up from falling on surfaces like concrete. Even without a lanyard, your ID will be in a more secure place than just by itself. The rugged polycarbonate can protect your card from getting crushed under a bag or keep it from slipping between your car seats. 

Hospital administration has an important job of managing and maintaining IDs for their staff. With a badge holder for each one, the IDs can last longer, be used more efficiently, and prevent loss. At Specialist ID, we are excited to help you find the ones that work best for you!

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