5 Ways To Improve Your Visitor Management System

5 Ways To Improve Your Visitor Management System

Getting control of your visitor management system and maintaining it is very important in today's world. You need to know who is in your building and what areas they are authorized to access. In order for employees to do their best work, worrying about security risks cannot be on their agenda. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep your workplace productive while reducing risks as well. And even if you aren’t worried about these risks, it’s always a good idea to log who does and doesn’t come through your building. To help handle your flow of traffic, here are five ways to improve your visitor management system.

Horizontal Parking Pass Vehicle Hang Tag Holder

The first step in visitor management is often parking-related. Your company may have a specific lot for visitors and a separate one for employees, or there may be a fee or time limit for parking. These parking permit hangers are a great way to easily identify employees and to direct parking management. 

Clear Rigid Vinyl Horizontal Parking Pass Vehicle Hang Tag Holder (1840-3650) 1840-3650

The Horizontal Parking Pass Vehicle Hang Tag Holder is made of clear, rigid vinyl to visibly display your parking pass. Slide your parking ticket card or pass through the top of the badge holder to have it safely in view. Simply attach the tag holder to your car, truck, or sedan's rear view mirror and continue to go about your day. 

Expiring Visitor Badge and Log Book

If you need to keep count of the people coming through your department, the Visitor Log Book is the perfect product for the job. As the badge is filled out with the wearer’s information, a duplicate record is recorded at the same time in the log book. After 14-16 hours, the badge self expires and the word VOID will be visible.

Standard (240 Badges) Expiring Visitor Badge and Log Book (05721 & 05741) 05721

The color change process prevents tampering and reuse of the visitor badge, so there is no need to physically collect them afterward. The self-expiring visitor badge and log book system is an easy way to quickly log and ID visitors at any school, hospital, or building with high traffic. You can purchase a standard book with 240 badges or a large book with 480 badges. 

Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart

Similar to the expiring visitor badge, the Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart will self expire 24 hours after it is activated. Red diagonal lines will appear through the front part along with the word VOID to indicate expiration. This badge has four preprinted, color-coded labels: Contractor, Vendor, Visitor, and Temporary.



If you are hosting a big event or conference, you will be able to keep tabs on who is who with this product. The color change prevents reuse or tampering. A blank front part badge will be necessary for this product to work correctly.

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Non-expiring Wristbands

The Non-expiring ID Wristbands are conveniently numbered for your attendance records. The adhesive backing securely closes around any wrist size, so they can not be transferred to someone else (they should be cut for easy removal). This product will be useful for any event where you need an extra layer of identification. These wristbands come in packs of 1000 and are available in four colors: dark blue, light blue, red, and yellow.

Non-expiring Wristband, Box of 1000 (P/N 0685X)

Volunteer Lanyard with Badge Set

The Volunteer Lanyard with Badge Set is ideal when you or your team need to volunteer for special events at school, the office, sporting events, fundraisers, and more. The preprinted Volunteer lanyard features a safety breakaway clasp and the laminated badge can be used with a permanent or dry erase marker for your information. The badge clip can also hold keys or another credential holder to keep you hands-free and ready to help others. This badge set comes in a pack of 10.

10 Pack - Volunteer Lanyard with Badge Set - Pre-Printed Volunteer Design - Dual Sided, Purple SPID-9930-PURPLE-Q10

Visitor management is crucial for your workplace to feel safe and secure. Never stress about who’s coming in and out with these five great products. Visit the Specialist ID website to find more essentials for your security needs.

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