The Perfect Lanyard for Cruise Ships + 3 Security Must-Haves

The Perfect Lanyard for Cruise Ships + 3 Security Must-Haves

At Specialist ID, we believe a cruise vacation is about making unforgettable memories with friends and family. But, without the right products, your guests’ stay can take a turn for the worst. We have the top ID products that are perfect for cruise ship staff and the vacationers they serve. From colorful lanyards to heavy-duty RFID-blocking sleeves, our products will not only add a fun and practical touch to their cruise vacation but also prioritize the safety and security of their personal information.

Our durable and high-quality designs will protect your guests’ belongings during their travels and serve as the perfect souvenirs to remind them of their amazing cruise adventure. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Cruisin’ Through Life Lanyard

Are you looking for the perfect souvenir to offer your guests onboard? Look no further than our cruisin’ through life lanyard! This breakaway neck lanyard is not only stylish and functional for holding identification and cruise cards but also serves as a fun reminder of the unforgettable memories made onboard. The bright sky blue color is perfect for the sunny and tropical vibes of a cruise vacation, and the playful slogan is sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces. It's a must-have accessory for any cruise lover and is sure to become a popular item in your onboard gift shop. Set sail with this breakaway lanyard and let your guests show off their love for cruising in style!





2. RFID-Blocking Sleeve

We know that safety is a top priority for you and your guests onboard. That's why we’ve designed our RFID-blocking sleeve: the perfect solution for protecting credit, smart, and identity-embedded chip cards from identity scanner theft. These sleeves provide extra protection for your guests' personal information, giving them peace of mind during their travels. Our heavy-duty design is built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting protection for your guests' cards. Order these sleeves and give your guests the safety and security they deserve on their cruise vacation. Don't let identity theft ruin their trip; protect their cards with a little help from Specialist ID.

3. Heavy-Duty Luggage Tag Holders

Keeping track of luggage can be a hassle during any travel adventure, especially when your guests lose or damage their ID tags. With our heavy-duty luggage tag holders—the perfect solution for keeping your guests' luggage safe and easily identifiable—their problems are no more. 

Our durable plastic holder features a sturdy loop that securely attaches to any luggage handle, making it easy to spot and retrieve. Plus, you can customize them to feature your logo or slogan, making our heavy-duty luggage tag holders a great souvenir for your guests. Our rigid design ensures that the tag stays in place during any journey, protecting it from damage or loss. Give your guests the peace of mind to enjoy their vacation without any luggage mishaps with our luggage tag holder.




4. Waterproof Badge Holder

Water activities are a big part of any cruise vacation, and keeping personal items safe and dry can be challenging. Our waterproof badge holder is perfect for protecting your guests' important documents and IDs while enjoying water activities. Our waterproof badge holder features a secure closure that keeps water out while still allowing guests to easily access their IDs when needed. Plus, the bright and colorful designs make them easy to spot, even in the water. Because of its durable construction, the badge holder will stay secure during any water adventure and protect your ID, wallet, and more from loss or damage. 

Don't let water damage ruin your guests’ trip; keep their important documents safe with this waterproof ID holder.



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