Last Minute Essentials For This Fourth Of July

It’s almost Independence Day, and we know you have big plans! You’ve already planned the perfect barbeque, firework show, or day at the lake, but you might have let some things slip your mind throughout all the hustle and bustle. If you’re not careful, so many things can sneak up on you. So, to help you avoid these last-minute surprises and ensure your 4th of July goes off without a hitch, here are a few essentials to keep in mind.

Show off your patriotism with badge reels.

If you're looking for something to put your keys on, why not put them on a badge reel? Our patriotic badge reels are the perfect accessory to keep all necessary items on hand for easy access. Find the perfect badge reel that speaks to your patriotism. Our patriotic flag badge reel is sleek and durable, and it comes with a swivel clip, which can easily be attached to your belt loop. Are you looking to show off a bit more pride? Look at our ONE LOVE patriotic badge reel to represent your pride and patriotism this July 4th.

Be easily seen with the 4x7 event badge holder.

If you plan on attending or working a big fireworks show or event, they may require you to wear a visible badge. If you want something more convenient than shoving a piece of paper in your pocket, consider getting one of these sizeable 4x7 event badge holders. Our large and clear vertical badge holder is great for those who need to display their passes or identification. With the slot and chain holes already punched into the badge holder, simply attach your badge holder to your lanyard and wear it to display your credentials while keeping it in reach at all times. You can even use this badge holder to hold extra items, such as your keys, ID, or other essential items.

Keep everything together with a breakaway lanyard.

A breakaway lanyard is a handy tool. It's a simple concept, but it might be something you’ve never even considered before. A breakaway lanyard attaches essential items like keys, ID badges, event passes, etc., to your person, and we’ve got the perfect one for your 4th of July. To stay organized and safe, consider this American flag breakaway lanyard. This lanyard is the ideal safety tool because if it gets caught on something, it simply detaches from your neck and then snaps back together aftward. This patriotic lanyard has a dual-sided badge holder to keep up to two standard ID-sized cards with you. Plus, a bonus tip: this lanyard’s badge holder is RFID shielded, so you can keep all your information secure while rocking your red, white, and blue.

If you’re heading out to the celebrations this 4th of July, ensure you have the right accessories. The fun designs of these products are perfect for any event and will help you stand out from others in your group. To get your essentials this 4th, head to the Specialist ID and look at all the 4th of July accessories we offer.
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