How to Show Your Support During Lung Cancer Awareness Month

How to Show Your Support During Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The start of November means the beginning of Lung Cancer Awareness Month. With the American Cancer Society reporting over 230,000 diagnoses this year alone, it is very likely you or someone you know is personally impacted by it. Show your encouragement for those affected by this disease during this month right on your sleeve (or lanyard).

Here are some of our favorite products to support those with lung cancer this November:

1. Badge Buddies

Badge buddies are a fantastic way to display your support for a variety of causes and can often be customized to suit different needs. They are a convenient solution to personalized identification and are a terrific addition to any preexisting ID badge, allowing you to get creative with your look. This makes them the golden product for your Lung Cancer Awareness event

Try adding this Pin Badge Buddy to your credentials this month. It easily hooks onto any existing ID badge and provides five holes for your favorite pins. It also hangs low enough to be paired with a standard badge buddy that identifies you professionally. It can be used for any number of events: just switch out the pins accordingly!








2. Lanyards

Lanyards are another great way to emphasize your cause while simultaneously providing a convenient way to carry your identification. They clearly display your important documentation and keep it at the ready. Since they’re also typically available in many color options, they can be a fantastic way to draw attention to a specific cause!

Check out this Premium Breakaway Lanyard! It securely attaches to your existing ID badge, badge buddies, or similar credentials to a breakaway neck strap for increased safety. For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, get one of them in white, the color of the lung cancer support ribbon. 



3. Badge Reels

Badge reels are a stylish alternative to lanyards, allowing you to display and transport your ID badge with an extra flare. They come in a variety of colors and shapes so that you can tailor them to your unique celebration. Additionally, they provide more flexibility than lanyards, as you can hook them onto various aspects of your outfit, including pockets, belt loops, collars, and more, instead of just hanging them around your neck.

This Heart-Shaped Badge Reel is an excellent product for honoring lung cancer this month. It clips to nearly all clothing and rotates 360 degrees for maximum efficiency. It also features a 34-inch retractable cord, so no need to repeatedly remove it for use. Though available in three colors, the white heart would be perfect for representing Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Its high-quality design has made it highly durable, so you can reuse it even after November has ended! 






Be sure to grab these products to show your support for those battling lung cancer. Check out our other badge buddies, lanyards, and reels for more inspiration!
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