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Pin Buddy for Displaying Pins with Badge Buddies - Vertical

Pin Buddy for Displaying Pins with Badge Buddies - Vertical

$3.06 ea. $3.06 ea.

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  • Part number: PIN-BUDDY-V
  • Use with your existing ID badge and Badge Buddy
  • Hangs lower than your Badge Buddy so you can show your pins
  • 5 Pin Holes
  • Blank White Front and Back
  • Outer Dimensions: 5 3/4" X 2 1/8"
  • Clips, pins and badge buddy sold separately.
  • Vertical
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Pin Badge Holder

Our badge buddy pin holder is designed to be used with your existing badge buddy. It hangs further than your badge buddy and has five pin holes ready to display your favorite enamel pins with your ID badge. Simply put your lanyard or badge loop through your ID badge, your badge buddy and finally your pin badge. Then you are ready to wear your pins proudly.

Support for Your Pin Cause

Are you a fan of pins? You should be; they’re inexpensive for artists to make, and that makes them affordable for most consumers. Wearing and storing them also has a low learning curve, as long as you don’t wear them as piercings. If you want a pin, you can buy them anywhere: retail stores like Forever21, the Internet via Amazon or Etsy, or at comic conventions. Or you can trade for them with collectors; Disney has started a viable pin trade by releasing limited enamel. They have become ubiquitous.

Pins also last longer than other memorabilia. They won’t tear like stickers, or lose an arm potentially like an action figure. As long as you don’t bend the pins or press them through heavy fabric, then they should last for a long time. Some collectors mount them on bulletin boards, to make sure the natural elements don’t beat them.

Why would you wear a pin with your ID badge holder? Pins allow you to express who you are, or support a good cause. A pink ribbon pin, for example, allows you to show that you believe in Race for the Cure, a nonprofit that fights breast cancer. Or you can wear an Alice in Wonderland pin to show if you prefer the Chesire Cat to the Mock Turtle or the Queen of Hearts.

If you make pins and sell them, a pin badge holder is a good way to show off your merchandise in a subtle manner, if your workplace allows it. You can attach a few samples and brandish them. Pins draw the human eye, and they can invite conversation. At a convention or conference, people can see you branding yourself.

Benefits of The Pin Badge Holder

This particular badge holder has five holes for brandishing your pins. That gives you five opportunities to reflect your personality, without having to poke holes into your clothing or bags. Add a matching lanyard, and you have a pleasing finished work that balances art and practicality.

A clear window means that you can use your ID and protect it from the natural elements. In the case that you need to show your ID to authority, having it on a lanyard makes the badge easier to show rather than pulling it out of a wallet. You can balance the practicality of other badge holders with the pins you can display.

More practically speaking, pins allow you to ID one badge holder as yours, which increases security. There is always the risk that you may misplace your ID, or that it may get confused with someone else’s if they don’t display names or photos. If someone sees the Jane Austen or Sesame Street pin, they’ll identify it as yours. You’re less likely to lose your badge if you wear the pin.

Please note, this is for the blank pin buddy only. The badge buddy, pins and clips are all sold separately.

No Minimum Quantity to Order.

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Specialist ID has the resources you need to create a pleasing enamel pin and ID balance. We have all the lanyards you need, and recommendations for when you want to wear more than five enamels.

Contact us today to learn more. Our experts are happy to help you craft the ideal badge, with holders and pins.

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