5 Types Of Mask Lanyards That Will Keep Your Employees Safe At Work

5 Types Of Mask Lanyards That Will Keep Your Employees Safe At Work

With increasingly more employees going back to work in person, maintaining proper mask protocol is as vital as ever. Companies have done a good job of supplying their offices with disposable, medical-grade masks to ensure everyone’s safety around the workplace. Unfortunately, the heavy use of disposable face masks makes keeping track of your mask and distinguishing between yours and that of your coworkers difficult at times. 

Luckily, with the use of these 5 face mask lanyards by Specialist ID, keeping track of your mask will be a problem of the past. 

1- Antimicrobial Face Mask Lanyard with Breakaway Clasp

Consider this face mask lanyard a double protection product as the fabric of its strap is antimicrobial, meaning it repels and prevents germs or odorous bacterial from sticking to the fabric. At 25”, this product is the perfect length to fit any adult or child-sized mask, making it one of the best options for schools and hospitals that require face mask lanyards. Additionally, this mask lanyard is equipped with a breakaway clasp that allows easy removal and adds another safety feature, protecting your neck from any forced strain. 




2- Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard

Adjust your mask lanyard to fit your face perfectly with this completely adjustable mask holder and hanger. The round lanyard features two hooks at either end, made to attach to the straps of your mask securely. With the addition of a sliding clasp, this mask lanyard distinguishes itself from the rest, sliding easily to create a loop for hanging or shortening the length of the strap to fit your neck. 




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3- USA Made, Woven Nylon Neck Hanger & Ear Saver with 2 Bulldog Clips

For a fun pop of color and patriotism, take a look at this USA-made face mask lanyard. Specialist ID knows how uncomfortable and irritating face masks can be; that is why this patriotic lanyard is made of woven nylon and features an adjustable clip for comfortable wear all day. This product also attaches two bulldog clips to either side of your mask, retaining a hold on the straps as you move throughout your place of work.




4- Kids Face Mask Lanyard / Hanger with Safety Breakaway Clasp

This child-specific face mask lanyard provides your employees with an additional method of keeping themselves and their children safe at child-friendly places such as schools and hospitals. With a thick band, a breakaway clasp, and two swivel hooks, this breakaway lanyard is the best option for balancing safety and comfortability. 


5- MRI Safe Mask Lanyard with 2 Slim Plastic Clips - Open Ended Badge & Facemask Holder 

The two slim plastic clips featured on this face mask lanyard allow it to maintain its MRI-safe status. The open-ended clips can be used to hold onto badges and face mask straps, making this product one of the better choices for hospitals wanting to supply their staff with safe, face mask lanyards. 



Undoubtedly, these mask lanyards will make following proper mask protocol second nature for your employees and coworkers around the office. Keep everyone safe and protected while allowing for easy comfort and personal individuality. 

Check out more of Specialist ID’s covid-safe PPE products on the Specialist ID website. 

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