Must-Have Items For Delivery Drivers

Whether delivery drivers are transporting packages, groceries, or takeout food, they’re also carrying a greater risk, compared to the average motorist, of getting seriously hurt. Their job demands multitasking while performing strenuous or semi-strenuous physical labor that can leave them injured even with the slightest distractions. Having the right gear to perform at above-expected levels is key to providing them with complete focus on the job at hand. 

They need gear that is comfortable and reliable. In short, they’ll need anything to make their job easy and make their work day run smoothly. Below you will find a list of products our team at Specialist ID created to help delivery drivers navigate their day.

A retractable pen holder is perfect for delivery drivers who are always on the go. Having access to a pen is essential due to the constant need to sign off for packages. This holder can be securely attached to shirts or pants and moves swiftly throughout the busy day. No more losing time searching for a pen or looking unprofessional when needing to ask for a pen. When you are prepared, you have the confidence to succeed and be present one hundred percent. 




A majority of the time spent working is done inside an operating vehicle. Key-bak heavy-duty key chains ensure that keys to both the vehicle and the facilities being traveled to are never lost. Keeping keys in a convenient place is essential to operate efficiently; storing keys in your pocket can be uncomfortable, unsightly, unsafe, and a waste of time. Using a retractable badge reel is an easy way of keeping keys secure and accessible whenever the time to access the keys approaches. 







When you need your ID or credentials on you at all times, a comfortable and secure way to carry them is essential; that is where the arm-band ID badge holder comes in handy. A lanyard may not be a good option for a job with a constant need for fully functional movement because of the risk of getting caught in something as you navigate through the day. A great alternative would be an armband id card holder, and it can stay firm on your arm and makes for a quick showing of identity when your hands are busy holding cargo. 


There is no need to worry about where you left your flashlight or other products. Delivery drivers often find themselves unorganized when their concerns lie with the merchandise that is being delivered. The T-reign retractable gear tether is a product that holds onto much-needed products, such as mini flashlights, box cutters, car, or building keys—basically all of the essentials that are always on the delivery worker. This retractable gear tether was assembled in the USA by a company that invented the personal retractor in 1948, making it built to last a lifetime.



Choosing the right equipment for this type of job will create long-lasting change. Transportation drivers will notice the difference and become eager to get the job done. These problem-solving products will result in happy customers and overall improve satisfaction. If you find your drivers constantly complaining about the need to enhance their skill set, we encourage you to visit the Specialist ID website.

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