Looking to Organize on National Clean Desk Day? Here Are Some Products

Looking to Organize on National Clean Desk Day? Here Are Some Products

Is the clutter on your desk getting you down? You aren’t alone. A messy desk isn’t always a bad omen; it may just mean you are too busy getting the important stuff done to turn your attention to organizing. But having a clean and orderly desk can change your life; it can increase your productivity and be essential to some work environments. 

If you dream of a workspace where everything has a place but are struggling to dedicate the time to uprooting your current habits, look no further than Specialist ID. Our products practically do the work for you, and believe us, your newly organized desk will be the talk of the office. Here are some of our favorite items to get you started:

1. Retractable Pen / Pencil Holder

Are you constantly losing your pen in the piles of papers and company files on your desk? Then you need our Retractable Pen / Pencil Holder! This product will keep your writing implement secured to your shirt pocket or waistband for repeated use throughout your workday. Just fasten your pen into the holder, clip it on your outfit, and you’re ready to go. There is no need to remove this item for use, as it comes fitted with a 32-inch retractable cord that is perfect for all your on-the-go writing needs. With this product, you will never worry about losing your pen in the document void on your desktop again. It’s one less thing to worry about sorting out.





2. Blank Horizontal Badge Buddy

One of the best ways to dip your toes into organizing a large volume of materials is by designing your own labeling or category system. This badge buddy will immediately establish a degree of order to an otherwise chaotic semblance of documents. Try using our Blank Horizontal Badge Buddy to customize your labels and straighten your paperwork. Because they are sold blank, you can write anything on them, which makes them perfect for the office. If you use dry-erase markers, you can continue to relabel them over time if some of your documents depend on a short-term project or account. You really can’t go without them!









3. Waterproof ID Badge Holder

If you need help keeping track of small-profile items like paperclips, thumbtacks, or even your company ID, check out our Waterproof ID Badge Holder. This product can be used to store these pesky desk essentials that always seem to slip through the cracks and get lost in the shuffle. Use the attached lanyard to suspend these items from a cabinet or drawer to completely remove them from the action zone. With this product, you can maintain peace of mind knowing that even the smallest objects have a home in your office. Gone are the days of ripping your hair out over a lost paperclip!



Looking for more organizational inspiration? Check out our other badge reels, lanyards, and badge buddies, as well as our curated corporate collection for more of our office favorites.

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