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4 PPE Items That You Would Still Need Post Covid Vaccines

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While the world is opening up again and mask mandates have eased, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and accessories are still necessary and best practice to have on hand. Many companies are still requesting that employees and customers use PPE, especially those related to travel or healthcare. Even as the vaccinated population grows, using proper PPE is essential in making sure that we cull the spread of COVID-19. 

Here are four PPE items that you may still need post-COVID vaccination.

Mask Lanyard

A Face Mask Lanyard is a useful and convenient item for people who wear masks all day. The ear loops of a mask attach to the metal hooks at the ends of the lanyard creating a necklace that can be worn when you need to have the mask on hand, but not on your face. This lanyard is great for air travel where you are masked the majority of a flight but may need to remove your mask to eat or drink periodically. You can also use your lanyard during flu season to mask up around crowds and in highly transmissible areas like doctors offices.

COVID Vaccination Card Holder

With more vaccine availability comes more fully vaccinated individuals. Keep your COVID-19 vaccine record card safe in a vinyl vaccination card holder. The plastic sleeve protects the paper card from liquids, scratches, and tears. If you’re getting a two-dose vaccine and you’ve only gotten your first shot, you can easily slip the card out of the sleeve so it can be updated after your second shot. 

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No-Touch Tool

The spread of germs happens most rapidly on high-touch areas, such as elevator buttons and door handles. Using a heavy duty no-touch door opener tool can make it easy to avoid directly touching these surfaces. When held like a pen, this tool can press buttons and touchscreens. The hook end can be used to pull open doors, and it won’t break under the pressure. Whether there is a virus going around or not, preventing the spread of germs is always a good idea. 

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COVID-19 Vaccinated Badge

Some vulnerable populations and younger kids are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines. To help reduce their risk, vaccinated people can identify themselves, allowing unvaccinated people to make more informed decisions about who they interact with and when they can be mask-free. Wearing the COVID-19 VACCINATED Badge Buddy is an easy way to identify yourself as vaccinated. This badge can be worn under ID cards or on a lanyard. For large events, or in jobs that require people to be vaccinated, these can be given to those who prove they are fully vaccinated. This helps tell people that you are vaccinated without having to carry your vaccination card around.

Even in a post-vaccine society, germs can spread and lead to illness, but we can take initiative and continue to use PPE when necessary to keep our communities safe. Specialist ID has all of the items you need for everyday use. Explore all of the tools and accessories that can be used as PPE today!