3 Easy Ways to Disinfect Everyday Items

3 Easy Ways to Disinfect Everyday Items

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we must remain cautious of germs on everyday items. Items used everyday such as face mask lanyards, door opener tools, credit cards, and ID holders may rarely get cleaned even though they are used often. When in a time crunch, here are three ways that will quickly and easily disinfect these items:

Use Disinfecting Wipes

According to the EPA, disinfectant wipes that include quaternary ammonium kill the coronavirus. Use these wipes to clean plastic items such as credit cards and IDs. These items are used daily and can be easily forgotten in your disinfecting routine. Remember to clean any ID holders and badge reels you may have. Also, use wipes to clean lanyards. Lanyards used for face masks serve as a way to keep your mask away from unclean surfaces and to keep your mask handy at all times. After you wipe down the items, make sure to throw away used wipes.

Disinfecting Spray 

Using a disinfecting spray according to the guidelines on the packaging can be a quick way to clean items. Spray items such as door opener tools and key chains. Door opener tools are a great way to avoid highly touched public areas, but when they become dirty, they can also spread the germs you are trying to avoid. These areas include door knobs, elevator keys, gas station pumps, and elevator buttons. Clean these frequently used items often to ensure that you are contributing to a clean environment. 

Household Bleach

Bleach can be an easy way to disinfect surfaces and small items. When used according to the label, it’s easy to dilute to a preferred amount and use for a variety of purposes. Using a spray bottle and a paper towel, wipe down surfaces that need cleaning. Badge reels can be cleaned using this method. When you put on a badge reel daily, it’s important to clean them frequently. Contact with other surfaces can be an issue when it comes to this accessory. Since badge reels are often associated with IDs and badge holders, wiping these items down as well is beneficial to maintaining health and safety standards. Use this disinfecting technique when you take off your identification items at the end of the day to maintain cleanliness. 

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