4 Best Ways To Protect Your Covid Vaccine Record

4 Best Ways To Protect Your Covid Vaccine Record

For those who receive the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccination record cards are given out and updated for each dose administered. Keeping this paper card safe is important if you end up needing it for proof of vaccination. You may want to laminate it like other important documents, but some professional archivists and conservators warn against it as chemical changes ruin the document and makes adding information later on difficult. Instead, slip the card into a protected pocket that makes it easy to remove and display for any reason.

Here are the four best ways to protect your COVID vaccine card.

Badge Protector

One thing to keep in mind about the vaccine record card is that the official size is 4x3 inches. It’s not the standard license or credit card size, so it won’t fit in your wallet easily. With a vinyl badge protector, you can protect your card away from liquid and potential scratches while still having it be completely visible. This sleeve also has holes at the top which make it easy to attach a lanyard to. 

Armband Badge Holder

If you need your card to be displayed for any reason, consider an armband badge holder. This keeps your card away from your face and out of the way of your hands. The horizontal layout of the badge holder makes the vaccine card easily legible to anyone reading it. You can take out the card whenever you need to update it or show it to doctors. The elastic band is adjustable and wraps around your arm for a secure fit. 

Waterproof Badge Holder

For travel-intensive days where you will need your vaccine card, a waterproof badge holder can protect your card from the elements. This case is made out of a crush resistant, waterproof plastic shell that safely seals everything in it. It fits 4x3 cards and displays them horizontally, perfect for vaccination records. The spacious interior holds multiple cards, travel documents, IDs, and extra cash or keys. It also comes with a breakaway lanyard, which comes undone if pulled on to prevent pulling on your neck. When not in use or being worn, you can hold your entire family’s vaccine cards in one safe space where they will not get ruined.

Extra Large Luggage Tag

If you prefer a holder with a slim profile that also fits more than just one card, look no further than an extra large luggage tag! This 4x6 tag fits multiple 4x3 cards and more. A standard passport can also slide into the sleeve, making it a perfect travel accessory. The plastic loop can be tied to the sleeve and then attached to other items. To keep the luggage tag safe, tie it to the inside of a bag or just store the sleeve in a protected space. 

It’s clear from both sides so your card is always visible and has a zipper closure so nothing will fall out while in transit. The loop can also be removed and replaced with one of our lanyards if you want to display the tag.

As with all important documents, keeping them safe is extremely important. You may want to take pictures or scan your Covid vaccine cards to keep a record of them in case of losing them. For all your protection needs, contact Specialist ID today!

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