4 Products for the Writer in Your Life on National Poetry Day

4 Products for the Writer in Your Life on National Poetry Day

Poets are a special breed— their creativity and passion for their craft are inspirational and incomparable. With National Poetry Day approaching, there is no better time to show the poet in your life how much you appreciate their sentiment and intellect. And what better way to do that than with a product that keeps their pencil and notebook ready for whenever inspiration strikes?

At Specialist ID, we understand that poets often need to carry around many different belongings. Whether they are attending a poetry reading or meeting with an editor, our products will help them make a statement about their style and personality. Here are some of our favorite products for the wordsmith in your life:

1. Badge Reel with Pen Holder

Inspiration can strike at any time, so for a writer, few things are as important as having a pen or pencil at the ready to record their most inspired ideas. Writing implements are easily lost, so ensuring they have a safe and convenient way to transport their tools is essential. Our badge reel with pen holder is the perfect solution to this issue! Attachable to any clothing, this badge reel will keep a pen ready at a moment’s notice. The retractable cord will keep it secure both during use and on the go, so they won’t lose their train of thought again. For added convenience, try attaching it to one of our lanyards!






2. Vinyl Neck Wallet with Lanyard

What good is an idea without somewhere to write it down? Every author needs a place to store their best ideas, whether just to jot down some notes or a fully developed poem. Our vinyl neck wallet with lanyard securely holds a pen and a notebook inside its vinyl pouch. What’s more, this lanyard wallet also allows you to display your credentials, so if the poet in your life is on the go, they’ll have all their essentials ready at a moment’s notice. You can’t go without it!



3. Lanyard with Pen and ID Badge Holder

Another excellent product for the poet in your life is something that will hold all their essentials in one place without the bulk or hassle. Our lanyard with pen and ID badge holder is a helpful product for any poet seeking inspiration on the go. Because it allows you to attach your credentials with a writing implement, you can bring this lanyard with you, whether writing is your full-time job or a hobby. You can even hook a small-scale spiral-bound notebook to the key ring at the bottom. The possibilities are endless with this lanyard combo! 



4. Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Sometimes the spark of inspiration needs some encouragement and requires a writer to branch out of their comfort zone to different environments. A lot of people find the water to not only relax them but also as a fantastic source of inspiration! With our waterproof ID badge holder, the poet in your life can bring their pen and paper to the sand or sea without worrying about their belongings being damaged. Who knows what great stories will come from this badge holder?


Want to learn more about our products? Head to Specialist ID to shop our other badge reels, lanyards, ID holders, and more!

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