4 Products That Are Perfect for Customizing

4 Products That Are Perfect for Customizing

It is no secret that our Specialist ID team has dedicated themselves to developing a wide variety of products for our customers. But what sets us apart from our competitors is our versatile customization options and top-of-the-line quality. We love seeing you all transform our products into works of art or seeing you smile from one of our in-house customizations.

Here at Specialist ID, we offer a variety of products for you to customize. With some, we take care of the work for you; others are popular with Etsy creators looking to let their creativity shine. These are some of our favorite products:

1. Translucent Badge Reel with Swivel Clip

If you’re looking to get crafty at home, you need our translucent badge reel with a swivel clip. This product is incredibly popular with Esty creators because it serves as the perfect base for creative projects. Available in six distinct colors, this badge reel suits a wide variety of design ideas and is compatible with all clothing. Additionally, it features 360-degree rotation, so the customizations will always be visible from all angles. You might even want to incorporate the 34-inch nylon cord into your design, so when the reel is in use, there is an added visual effect.



2. Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo

Another fantastic product for at-home customization is our breakaway lanyard ID holder badge reel combo. Aside from combining all three of our top products into an unbeatable product, it has lots of space for personalization. Available in nine distinct colors, this breakaway lanyard can be transformed into anything you dream of: a heart for Valentine’s Day, a turkey for Thanksgiving, or anything in between. With its wide, tubular neck cord, this product is sure to hold up to even your wildest ideas. 



3. Custom-Printed Badge Buddy

If you’re looking to personalize your office look, try our custom-printed badge buddy! Badge buddies are essential to some fields of work, like the medical industry, to remain identifiable for patients and family members. Specialist ID offers customizable badge buddies for more specialized roles or simply for employees looking to give their credentials a glow-up. Our website allows you to choose your own color and up to two lines of text to be printed onto the product, so you can take your identification to the next level. 


4. Custom Badge Reel with Belt Clip and Lanyard

Our custom badge reel with belt clip and lanyard is one of our favorite products. It has both a belt and a lanyard clip, so everyone can choose their favorite style. It is also compatible with most identification badges, making it a versatile solution for ID transport. What’s more, these reels can be customized: include your desired logo when placing your order, and they will come with it printed on the front. If you’re looking to take the creative reigns yourself, you can use the customizable feature to provide the perfect base for your artistic endeavors. 







Want to see more products? We don’t blame you. Head to Specialist ID to shop our other badge reels, lanyards, badge buddies, and more.
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