5 Products That Make The Perfect Gift For Nurses

5 Products That Make The Perfect Gift For Nurses

Give a gift to someone there to lift your spirits even at your worst—Nurses. As the often unsung heroes of the medical community, Nurses are responsible for taking care of patients 24/7, providing comfort in dark times, and keeping the medical community running smoothly. Their uplifting spirit and kindness touch everyone they meet.

Take a look at this list of five nurse products we know they will love!

"RN" Registered Nurse Horizontal Badge Buddy

This product will let everyone know who you are and what job you are there to do. Printed on both sides, you won’t have to worry about maintaining badge visibility. The sturdy plastic material allows this product to bend without breaking for a long-lasting and durable badge buddy. With five choices of color and an additional rainbow option, these badge buddies add just the right amount of spunk to a badge.

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Cute Polka Dot Pattern Fashion Lanyard With Lobster Hook And Key Ring

Cute Polka Dot Pattern Fashion Lanyard With Lobster Hook And Key Ring

What better way to bring a pop of color than with polka dots? Aside from being equipped with a useful lobster hook and key ring, these lanyards come in four different colors. Perfect for attaching your badge, ID cards, keys, and necessary accessories, this product is ideal for a nurse in just about any department. 

Face Mask Lanyard - Lightweight Facemask Neck Hanger & Ear Saver with 2 Bulldog Clips - Soft Material

The face mask lanyard has been essential for nurses since the COVID-19 outbreak. By attaching each bulldog clip to each ear loop on your mask, this lanyard allows you to seamlessly take your mask on and off without the risk of losing this crucial item. The soft material will prevent irritation on your skin over long shifts and allow you to wear this product every day. The face mask lanyard comes in six different colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice personal style. 

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Heart-Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

This badge reel is perfect for nurses as it marries utility and thematic imagery relevant to medical service. This badge reel is equipped with a spring clip and will easily attach to any type of scrubs with a secure hold. The EKG theme allows you to separate your work product from any other badge reels you may use and comes in a sweet, heart shape.

Antimicrobial Stethoscope ID Tag - Customizable Label & Adjustable Tube Size to Fit Most Stehs

The antimicrobial stethoscope ID tag will let you customize your product with your name as well as adjust the tube to fit any of your stethoscopes. If you would rather showcase a company or brand image on your tag—no worries! You can also customize with an image rather than a name on the front of the tag. 

Whether you have a nurse in the family or not, giving a gift to these dedicated workers is something that will not go unappreciated. Give them something that is both useful and spirited!

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