How Nurses Can Use Lanyards and Badge Reels to Style Up ID Badges

How Nurses Can Use Lanyards and Badge Reels to Style Up ID Badges

Most nurses are required to wear ID badges as part of their uniforms. 

After all, in a setting that is fast paced and highly stressful, the clear and instant recognition that ID badges provide is key—it helps prevent unauthorized personnel from handling situations that they’re not qualified for. This could mean, for example, Certified Nursing Assistants giving medications to patients when this something that should be administered by a Registered Nurse.

Unfortunately, the default ID badge accessories that many nurses are given by the healthcare organizations they work for are typically not anything to write home about. 

However, since organizations need to be rightly cautious about their spending, you can’t really blame them for not making more room in their budgets for a bulk purchase of stylish ID badge lanyards and badge reels.

But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to purchase or craft these items yourself. When it comes to your ID badge, the accessories that go along with it can be personalized to better suit you, your style, and your personality.

Here are some ways you can use lanyards and badge reels to help make your ID badge a lot more visually appealing.


Originally, all lanyards were created the same—in black. That was it. No patterns or designs. Just solid black. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a black lanyard. After all, this color pretty much goes with everything. But it certainly limits a person’s style.

Thankfully, these days there are a lot more options available for lanyards, from a rainbow of colors to jewelry-like styles to bespoke designs.

Here are a few that could really help add some serious style to any nurse’s ID badge.

Beaded Neck Chain Lanyard

If you’re looking to achieve a more elegant style with your ID badge, you may want to consider a lanyard that looks less like your traditional lanyard, and more like a necklace with a clasp or hook attachment that holds your ID.

Our Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain and Plastic Beaded Neck Chain, for example, offer fashionable alternatives to the conventional lanyard. Simply pair them with our Neck Chain Strap Adapter, and you’ll achieve an ID badge look that’s sleek and sophisticated.

Solid Color Lanyards

A simple way to keep your ID badge look fresh is by having a selection of solid color lanyards to choose from. You can match the color of your lanyard to your scrubs, or opt for a lanyard that’s in contrast to it. Either way, by having the opportunity to swap in different colored lanyards with your ID badge, you’ll be able to keep it looking stylish with ease!

Patterned Lanyards

By giving you a chance to show off your unique personality, lanyards with patterns can spice up any ID badge look.

At Specialist ID, the patterned lanyards we offer include the Chevron Pattern Lanyard and the Polka Dot Pattern Lanyard. And with each being lightweight and smooth to the touch, they are as comfortable to wear as they are attractive. Plus, they both come with a breakaway feature, which helps to keep nurses safe.

Badge Reels

A key accessory to the uniforms of many healthcare workers, retractable badge reels allow nurses to easily keep their IDs on their person without having them in their way as they perform essential, fast-paced, and stressful duties. 

This important piece of equipment also gives nurses the refreshing opportunity to add some extra style to their uniforms and showcase some of their personality, and even bring a much-needed smile to their patients’ faces.

Here are some fabulous badge reels that can enhance any nurse’s uniform.

Colorful Badge Reels

Like solid color lanyards, you can’t go wrong with solid color badge reels. From the blinging metallic shades of our Chrome or Gold Badge Reels to a bright assortment of our Neon Badge Reels, adding splashes of color is an easy way to make your ID badge pop. You can match the color of your badge with your lanyard, or contrast it to have it stand out.

Heart Shaped Badge Reels

Things in the shape of a heart can generate feelings of trust, joy, and benevolence. This means that nurses wearing a heart-shaped badge reel with the ID badges can help bring their patients feelings of positivity, love, and hope. Plus, because heart-shaped wearables always give off such good vibes, they never really go out of style. 😊

DIY Badge Reel

Have a specific badge reel in mind but can’t seem to find it available for purchase? Not to worry! A badge reel is pretty much like a blank canvas where you can bring your design ideas to life.

If you’re unsure about how to go about designing your badge reel, check out this video by Amelia Ashleys on how to make a custom badge reel for some tips!

An ID badge is a necessary accessory for many nurses but that doesn’t mean that it has to be plain and boring. With so many stylish options for lanyards and badge reels, it’s easy to make your ID badge truly your own.

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