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6 Products You Need To Have For A Successful Conference

A successful conference is an organized one; mismanaged errors can result in missed timetables and unhappy attendees. Some tools can be useful in maintaining an organized conference, so you can focus on other duties necessary for running an event. Check out this list of six products we recommend for a successful conference.

Premium Lanyard

Our list begins with a classic product widely used in schools, offices, and almost any place requiring identification—the lanyard. The reason the lanyard quickly became a popular option for carrying IDs is due to its versatility. You can attach most badges to the end, hang the lanyard around your neck, and simply forget about it. Guests can then read identification without the other person retrieving it from their pocket or wallet. 

Parking Pass Holder

Depending on the conference venue, you may need to require parking passes for your guests. Coordinate with the venue in case they require specific parking passes because, in some cases, they may provide you with some. As the host, you may instead opt for your own parking passes. Whether you provide the passes or the venue does, it’s helpful to also provide parking permit hanger. Attendees can use the parking passes better by hanging them from a rearview mirror, which also provides additional visibility.

Visitor Log Book

If guests must RSVP, call ahead, or plan to attend your conference, you can keep track of everyone more easily with our visitor log book. This book comes with peelable badges with an adhesive coating that allows guests to stick the badge onto their clothing. They can write down their names along with the time they entered, so if your conference contains timetables, you can keep track of who has already attended based on their time. 

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Non-expiring Wristband

Similar to the log book, if your conference requires a ticket to attend, you can keep track of who already paid the fee through wristbands. Otherwise, visitor wristbands also provide an opportunity to advertise your event. If a guest enters or leaves the venue while wearing the wristband, bystanders around the area may notice and inquire about it, driving more traffic towards your conference.


A blank badge allows visitors to write whatever they wish on their badge, whether that’s their name, occupation, or company. We also offer other badges, many of which may better suit your needs, such as this registered nurse badge buddy for a nurse-specific conference, but the blank badge buddy offers the greatest flexibility. Simply write your custom text or attach a name tag to it. Also, don’t be worried about the badge moving as you walk because the print is readable from either side, so if the badge at any time flips around, your identification is still clear.

Retractable Pull Badge Reel Pen

Whether you decide on a log book or a written badge, a retractable pull badge reel pen can help you share pens without losing them. These can clip onto your clothing for easy carry and the high-quality cord reaches over 30 inches, so you and your guests can share pens without losing them. If you don’t have pens, you can also attach sharpies or other writing utensils instead.

If you’re interested in the above products, contact us through the Specialist ID website. We’ll answer any questions you have and work to get you the products you need for a successful conference. 
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