5 Products To Use To Upgrade Your Company's Visitor Management In 2023

5 Products To Use To Upgrade Your Company's Visitor Management In 2023

Security is always an important aspect of every company’s operations. In other organizations such as schools, managing security and taking note of who enters and where they are allowed to go is one of the most important daily functions. You may need an identifying badge or pass to make sure everyone is allowed to be in the building or on the campus.

Here are five products to use to upgrade your company’s visitor management and overall security for the 2023 school year.

Reusable Visitor Pass

These handy visitor passes can be given out to anyone who enters the building and is not a part of or registered with your organization. There is blank space on the front which allows you to write their name and any other pertinent information. If you use a dry erase marker, you can wipe off the writing and use the pass for another time. If not, you can write in permanent ink and allow the visitor to use the pass next time. You can also place a sticker label on the pass and remove it as a way to reuse the pass. To wear this badge, the included bulldog clip can be attached to your shirt or the waistband of your pants. If you have a lanyard, attached it to the end and you’re ready to go!

Visitor Lanyard

To attach the reusable visitor passes or your own visitor badges, use a visitor lanyard! This red lanyard with the word “VISITOR” in bold is great to quickly identify outside of your organization when they enter your office space or private area. It can be used without any badges since it is highly visible to others. Hand out the lanyard and instruct visitors to hang them around their necks when on property.

Vinyl Badge Protectors

If you already make your own visitor badges, keep them protected in a vinyl sleeve! Slip your badge in the sleeve and avoid it getting bent or wet with any liquids. Attach the clip to your clothes or hand it around a lanyard to signify that a visitor is in the area.

Custom Printed Badge Buddies

A custom printed badge buddy is a reusable solution to frequent visitors. With the various colors available, it is easy to have your own visitor management system set up. Designate specific colors for specific areas days of the week and have heightened security for your team. Printing “VISITOR” on the badge will allow it to show under existing badges that the person might have. This way, their credentials will show at all times while also showing they are temporarily allowed in that area.

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ONEstep Expiring Timebadge

For quick and easy sticker badges, use ONEstep Expiring Timebadges. These stickers have a spacious amount of blank area to write names, dates, and any other info about the visitors. The word “VISITOR” is already printed in bold for easy visibility. This badge also has an “expiring” feature which indicates that the badge is void at the end of the day. All you have to do is fold the flap under the badge to activate it. After 12-14 hours, the word “VOID” appears in red to display that the visitor has completed their stay. These stickers can be placed on someone’s shirt and are a perfect tool for daily visitors.

For all your visitor management needs, visit Specialist ID today! We are happy to help you stay organized and safe.

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