10 Benefits Of Using Visitor Management Systems In Offices

10 Benefits Of Using Visitor Management Systems In Offices

Business offices, on their surface, seem like safe spaces. Not a place you’d imagine crimes to occur, right? Office parks often require keypad or ID badge access. Small businesses in city centers may appear to be protected by the sheer number of people in their vicinity. But the need for more robust security measures, even for the smallest of businesses, continues to grow.

For retailers, shoplifting is the biggest crime. But even businesses that sell services can become victims and in many cases these incidents could be mitigated if staffers just had a better understanding of who was on the property. Workplace violence is a new and present danger. FaceFirst reports that 2018 saw a 12% increase in violent deaths over 2017 in workplaces. 

So how can companies protect themselves? It starts with a sophisticated visitor management system, designed to not only identify all new people on a business campus, but keep track of them with self-expiring badges and software that monitors who is coming and going on any given day. 

Fortunately, an all-in-one system such as this exists. The TEMPbadge Visitor Management System meets all of these needs and more. In this guide, we’ll look at 10 benefits of using a Visitor Management System for offices.  

Better track guests and visitors

The first significant change to a business once they’ve launched a visitor management system is the campus-wide transparency regarding all guests and visitors. With proper training and implementation, an entire staff can learn how to identify visitor ID badges as well as spot people who shouldn’t be on-site.

With new protocols in place, a visitor management system can support increased security guidelines, making everyone safer.

No more log books

With a visitor management system, gone are the old school days of visitor logbooks. Rather than attempting to track each guest via their signature in a spiral notebook, you’ll keep all of their important information on Specialist ID’s visitor management system software where it can’t get destroyed from a spilled cup of coffee or a person misplacing it.

Easy to print badges

Throw out the Sharpies—you won’t need to write out a guest’s name on a “Hello My Name Is” sticker anymore. The Visitor Management System can print customizable name tags for each person who comes on-site and in the process, logs their info into your software system.

Cut down login time

Anyone who’s worked as a receptionist knows the stress of trying to triage multiple guests at once and the log-jam that can follow by doing this tedious business by hand. Never again will this be a problem with the Visitor Management System. It takes just 4 clicks and 5 seconds per visitor! 

Self-expiring technology

The downside of a traditional visitor ID badge is that someone could just keep it and wear it on a day they’re not actually supposed to be on a business campus and no one would be the wiser. This issue has been solved with self-expiring ID badge technology. With these special badges, after a certain amount of time, red lines appear across the badge, indicating that visiting hours are over. 

This way, any employee on site could report that they spotted a guest who should no longer be there and let HR or security know. 

Minimal training required

Business owners often shudder to hear they’ll have to implement a new form of technology. Training can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s no wonder many avoid or procrastinate on updating their systems. But that’s one thing owners don’t have to fear with the Visitor Management System. Its easy-to-use software takes little to no training and can be up and running within hours. 

Customizable screens

Specialist ID knows that each business’s security needs are not one size fits all. That’s why this visitor management system’s software has customizable screens. For instance, say you want to keep tabs on specific department visitors. You can create those. Or you want to identify just people going into a high-security sector of a campus. That can be easily designed as well. The system is made to work with you.

Built-in reports

Want to see how many guests visited from March to April 2019? Just use the built-in reporting system in the Specialist ID Visitor Management System. There are many reports to choose from already included with the software, so you don’t have to build your own from scratch.

Easy monitoring

Some companies may need to investigate the actual badging of guests. With the Visitor Management System that’s simple as well. Each unit has a unique identification number so that, when using multiple stations, the source of every badge can be seen at a glance. This prevents any confusion and can help security find the management system manager they need to ask them about any questionable guests.


Let’s be honest, many visitor management systems are costly investments that small businesses can’t afford. Not so with the Specialist ID Visitor Management System. Less than $1,000, it’s a reasonable tool that can improve campus safety and security within a day of installation — peace of mind that’s not cost-prohibitive. 

Want to learn more? Visit Specialist ID for all of the details. 

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