4 Reasons Why You Need A Badge Holder

Badge holders are often overlooked as a valuable tool to streamline your performance at work. When it comes to keeping track of your ID cards and badges, you should be able to rely on your badge holder to take on this responsibility. Specialist ID houses many types of badge holders, all tailored to fit your needs and work lifestyle. 

Here are four reasons why you should invest in a badge holder yourself!

1- Organization

Something as small as an ID card or badge can be difficult to keep track of, especially when your office or home is filled with countless other products of the same shape and size. No one wants to lose something as valuable and necessary as a badge, especially at work. Keep track of your ID cards and badges with badge holders designed to organize and secure your items. With the help of these badge holders, you will never have to tear your home or office apart searching for your valuables again! 

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2- Mobility

When you are moving around the office, there is no question that you want full use of your arms. Badges can get in the way of this at times, but with the help of Specialist ID, they don’t need to. By attaching badge reels, clips, and rings to your badge holder, you are able to position and secure your badges anywhere you would like. From your shirt pocket, waistband, or even to your Winter scarf—your badge will remain firmly attached to you wherever you need to go. 



3- Beyond Badges

Certainly, ID cards and badges are not the only items you need to worry about throughout your workday. More than holding your badge and ID cards, the badge holders at Specialist ID are equipped with additional rings and lanyards to provide you with even greater service. You can attach keys, additional cards, and other work-related products to your badge holder, keeping your work life organized and your work products accountable. If you do not prefer to clip your badges to your person, Specialist ID also offers badge holders that attach to lanyards. With lanyard badge holders, simply hang your badge holder around your neck without worry.



4- Spark Creativity

Brighten every day with a colorful or personalized badge holder made just for you. Specialist ID offers multiple variations in color and pattern on all of their products, and their badge holders are no exception. Your unique badge holder won't get lost in the mix, with the inclusion of personalized statements and sayings. Armed with all of these options, your badge holder will stand out amongst the crowd and provide you with the smile you need at the end of each day. 

Whether your place of work is a school, a hospital, or a sky-high headquarters building, a badge holder has the power to help you as you navigate the workplace. Specialist ID is here to give you the gift of ease and organization with the variety of badge holders we offer.

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