RFID Blocking Solutions: Everything You Need to Know

RFID Blocking Solutions: Everything You Need to Know

As technology progresses, so do the ways scammers attempt to access our sensitive or personal information. New developments in credit cards have increased ease for the consumer but simultaneously bred opportunities for hackers to infringe on innocent people. Implementing certain protective measures is essential to protecting yourself and your information from outside forces. With the right products, you can safeguard your credentials from everyone who tries to steal them from you. 

The best method of defense against scammers is using radio-frequency identification (RFID) blockers. This technology blocks the electromagnetic signal emitting from the chip on your bank card, which allows hackers to track and access the information associated with your accounts. Here at Specialist ID, we have carefully developed tools that include this technology with your safety in mind. With our products, your information will remain safe from these antagonistic forces. Take a look:

RFID Blocking ID Badge Holder

Using a badge holder to secure your cards is a fantastic way to protect your information. At baseline, these products help keep your cards or identification safe by providing a convenient way to store them without misplacing them. When enhanced with RFID blockers, these holders will shield your information from unauthorized access. 

One of our favorite badge holders is our Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking Badge Holder. This product holds two standard-sized cards and blocks them from being read without your permission. This holder is constructed of an electromagnetically opaque sleeve that prevents hackers from accessing your information. Additionally, you can only insert and remove your cards from one side of the holder, allowing you to keep your information completely private.



RFID Blocking Sleeves

Like badge holders, sleeves are another product that encases your materials and keeps them securely inside. Our RFID Blocking Sleeve is an excellent product to keep your information protected. This sleeve provides identity theft protection while remaining slim-fitting for wallets and traveling. It is easy to use: just slide your card inside the sleeve and have peace of mind knowing your personal identification information is secure from outside forces. It is the only way to travel!



Badge Holder Shielded Armband

The only way to improve this technology is by combining it with a convenient means of transport. Our Secure Badge Holder Shielded Armband does just that! This product takes an RFID-blocking identification holder and attaches it to a band that securely wraps around your arm. Now, your cards are safe from hacking and will not be forgotten or misplaced. There is nothing better!








Are you interested in more RFID-blocking technology? Head to Specialist ID for more of these products, as well as our other badge reels, lanyards, badge holders, and more.

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