Show Your Appreciation To Security Staff With These 4 Items

Show Your Appreciation To Security Staff With These 4 Items

It is essential to reward the work of those who help maintain safe and secure hospitals, schools, airports, and public places. Letting them know we appreciate their commitment to safety will encourage work ethic and improve their sense of belonging. Security leaders cannot be successful if they don’t have the support of their team. Employees who don’t feel appreciated and trusted by their leaders are more likely to quit or simply ignore policy and procedures. 

Your team also needs to know that you’re their advocate and willing to provide the right tools to help develop their skills for professional advancement opportunities. Below is a list you might consider a fit for your security team.

Reducing work-related stress is simple with an expiring visitor badge and log book. Badge Log Books will bring ease and simplicity to your visitor sign-in process, providing a duplicate visitor record and a self-expiring adhesive badge, all with the stroke of a pen. Expiring badges used in Visitor Badge Log Books will expire to show a red-colored “VOID” symbol after 14-16 hours, ensuring that a guest can’t overstay their visit and make it visible to security staff. When security staff are aware of visitors' current position, it makes it easier for them to pay attention to further securing areas, in high need, inside or around the facility. 



Great problem-solving products are visitor ID wristbands, especially for school and airport security staff. It is easy to be outside of the know with thousands of students, faculty staff, and visitors. With visiting wristbands, they can properly identify civilians and better judge the protocol. When required to stay calm under pressure, the security staff's last concern should be confusing who is who. Band silicone wristbands can also be customized to be a fit for all visitors and guests to wear, including security staff, keeping everyone united and showing work spirit. 



One day expiring timing covers are perfect for school or hospital security. When expired, these adhesive timing covers change color based on your regional climate. They are used with parking permits, hang tags, dash cards, or vouchers. Simply place the cover over the permit, and the expiration process begins—no need to worry about unauthorized re-use of uncollected badges. Since the color change is highly visible from afar, security staff will know if their assistance is needed or continue with the following tasks, saving them a lot of time and advancing their work. 







This heavy duty badge reel with metal swivel belt clip & key ring is the ultimate gift for any security staff member. These reels contain heavier and more durable springs that can hold more weight and have a greater retention ability, which is great for holding several keys and can double as a id card holder. The Key-Bak heavy duty badge reel carabiner with key ring is another excellent heavy-duty badge reel to consider. It comes with a strong Kevlar retractable cord, a sturdy carabiner latch for various clip-on options, and a keyring to hold up to 8-10 ounces worth of your essentials. The zinc alloy metal carabiner can attach to pockets, backpacks, zippers, buttonholes, belt loops, etc. It is the perfect accessory for any indoor and outdoor work. Depending on how large your security staff is, you can purchase this badge reel individually or in large sets.





Saying thank you through the act of giving these practical gifts will encourage productivity. Your security guards don't ask for a lot, but a simple gift will go a long way in showing them what a blessing they are as they serve to keep the facility safe and in order. Check out our Specialist ID website and pick the best products for your security staff.
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