5 Ways to Store Your Gift Card on National Gift Card Day

5 Ways to Store Your Gift Card on National Gift Card Day

January 21st marks National Gift Card Day, a holiday created to encourage the use of gift cards that have been stocked up over the holiday season. It is estimated that over $3 billion dollars of gift card credit goes unused annually in the United States alone. So instead of making them a permanent fixture in your junk drawer, allow yourself to indulge in a bit of retail therapy this year and put those presents to good use.

Our team at Specialist ID has everything you need to carry your gift card in style this January. With our products, you can rest assured your gift card will be as ready as you are. Here are our favorites:


1. Three Card Vertical ID Badge Holder

Did you rack up gift cards from your relatives this holiday? Then you need our three-card vertical ID badge holder. This product is designed to carry three cards at once, locking them in place once secured inside. Its durable composition protects your cards from damage while remaining small enough to easily fit inside your purse or pocket. Try the badge holder in one of the four available color options to sport your new gift card collection this month!



2. SkimSAFE RFID Blocking ID Holder

Whenever you’re carrying items containing sensitive information, especially concerning your finances, it is important to ensure they remain safeguarded from outside forces attempting to steal their information. With our skimSAFE RFID blocking ID holder, you can maintain peace of mind that your belongings— even your gift cards— remain yours alone. Once secured inside, our RFID-blocking technology will interrupt any electromagnetic signals attempting to access your card’s information and protect it from being stolen.



3. Horizontal Half Card Holder

For those gift cards that you might need to break out repeatedly, like to your favorite café or donut shop, you might want a product that promotes easier and more frequent use. Our horizontal half-card holder is perfect for those who need to swipe their card daily to get the most out of their gift. It leaves the magnetic strip conveniently exposed so it can remain inside the holder during use while ensuring it always stays locked in place. You can even add it to the existing lanyard or badge reel in your routine for maximum convenience.



4. ID Badge Holder with Thumb Slide Removal

If you’re looking for fashion and function wrapped into one, our ID badge holder with thumb slide removal answers your prayers. This rigid badge holder rocks a sleek, slim exterior while keeping your card safe and protected on the interior. Additionally, it features a thumb slot for easy insertion and removal but remains otherwise safely inside. It is the perfect product for anyone looking to kick off National Gift Card Day in style.



5. 2-Pocket Multiple ID Badge Sleeve

Looking to make a bigger purchase than your gift card covers? No sweat! Our 2-pocket multiple ID badge sleeve is for you. With this product, you can fit your card and any additional cash or cards necessary into the protective vinyl sleeve. This will keep all your items together to make your shopping experience a breeze. Even better, it includes both slot and chain holes on the top for seamless attachment to a lanyard or badge reel






Want to learn more about our products? Head to Specialist ID to shop our other badge holders, as well as our badge reels, lanyards, badge buddies, and more!
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