products for a superbowl celebration

4 Products for Your Superbowl Celebration

The big game is upon us. Whether you’re rooting for Kansas City or Philadelphia, this match-up is sure to be good. We know that no Superbowl is complete without a watch party, and everything must go off without a hitch so you can enjoy the game, too. With a little help from your friends here at Specialist ID, you can enjoy the game (and wings) and sideline the stress.

We have a ton of amazing products to take your game day to the next level. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard


If you are celebrating the big game outside or at a restaurant, you need somewhere to keep all your belongings without risking them being damaged or stolen. Our witz waterproof surf safe with breakaway lanyard is perfect for containing your items and protecting them from inclement weather, large crowds, or even something as harmless as a spilled drink. You can store credit cards, IDs, money, tickets, keys, and more inside the waterproof, crush-resistant shell and fasten it around your neck with the attached breakaway nylon lanyard. The waterproof ID holder is a must for adventurous Super Bowl celebrations!

2. Non-Breakaway Lanyard

non breakaway lanyard with swivel hook

Whether you’re staying home or heading to the stadium, our non-breakaway lanyard is a reliable choice for any sports fan. This product can secure everything from keys and IDs to tickets and other game day essentials on its swivel hook. It is the perfect addition to any party because of its durable, braided fabric and sleek design. Jumping off the couch in celebration? No worries, your stuff is safe.  Because it is a non-breakaway model, it is sure to remain strong and in place throughout the festivities. Grab your team's colors in the variety of offerings available to show some spirit!

3. Custom-Printed Badge Buddy

custom printed badge buddy horizontal

You can’t go to a party without your bestie; of course, we mean our custom-printed badge buddy! This product is an excellent addition to this year’s Superbowl celebration. Upon placing your order, input a catchphrase, team name, or player number, and it will be printed on the face of the badge buddy. Because it comes available in a wide variety of colors, you can sport your team spirit in many ways with this product. Even better, you can use it throughout football seasons for years to come!

4. Extra Large Ticket Holder

extra large ticket holder

Are you one of the lucky few hitting the stadium this Superbowl? You can’t go without our extra large ticket holder. This product will keep all your essentials, including that all-valuable ticket, securely inside the pouch so they won’t get lost or damaged. Additionally, this product loads from the top, so you won’t run the risk of anything falling out or being stolen. Combine this with one of our lanyards, and you will create an unbeatable stadium combination. You really can’t beat it!

Want to learn more about our top products? Head to Specialist ID to find more of our lanyards, badge buddies, badge reels, and more.
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