3 Fun Products to Wear on Thanksgiving

3 Fun Products to Wear on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we all know what that means: family, food, and fun. Everybody loves spending time with loved ones, watching the parade, and eating far too many mashed potatoes. But for those who have to manage hosting duties, the holidays can also bring some anxiety. Having an organized routine can turn your Thanksgiving from stressed to blessed, and we have just the products you need here at Specialist ID. 

Check out these items to give your Thanksgiving celebration a facelift:

1. Standard Non-Breakaway Lanyard

Simply put, lanyards make everyone’s lives easier. They’re a convenient way to carry identification and organize events with many people. When implemented as name tags, they can be the perfect addition to your next Thanksgiving! For instance, maybe you have a few distant relatives visiting or a neighbor who couldn’t make it home. To make everyone more comfortable celebrating their holiday, cut out the awkward introductions and stress of remembering names and give everyone a nametag upon arrival. Your guests will surely thank you after their turkey-induced coma wipes away their memory.

This standard non-breakway lanyard is a great option: just attach your favorite ID badge holder or slot-hole punched ID card and your name tags are all set! Available in 12 different colors, these breakaway lanyards also provide a variety of options for your guests to choose from, allowing them to flex their personal style.



2. Custom-Printed Badge Buddy

Using badge buddies is another excellent method for organization; because they can be attached to ID badges, they can provide additional categorizing to your event. For example, you may have several guests with specific dietary restrictions. Create an ID badge to label the dish and attach a corresponding-colored badge buddy to signal which guests that food is safe for! Additionally, you can use them as a seating chart! Have guests attach badge buddies to lanyards that correspond with their assigned table to make the seating chart of your dreams!

Try pairing this Custom Printed Badge Buddy with your lanyards! There are 20 color options available, so you can color code by individual guests or however you decide to organize.



3. Translucent Badge Reel with Belt Clip

Lanyards aren’t your thing? No sweat! Badge reels are another fantastic way to organize your event. Just attach a compatible ID badge holder to a badge reel and have your guests clip them on their shirts, belts, or pockets. They are generally better for adults, as they add some sophistication to their appearance. Or, to have some fun with the family, you could integrate an after-dinner game involving personalized ID cards for each family member: try doing family superlatives or a funny nickname competition! Afterward, everyone can sport their personalized ID badge on their badge reel.

Try this Translucent Badge Reel with Belt Clip for your Thanksgiving celebration! Just loop a slot-punched ID card through the attached vinyl strap, and you’re on your way. It also comes in seven assorted colors, so your guests can still have some creative liberty for the evening. Further, it features a 34-inch cord, so it won't snap if it gets snagged in the hustle and bustle of your holiday celebrations.




clear badge reel with belt clip




Adding these products to your Thanksgiving celebration will guarantee it runs without a hitch. Looking for more holiday must-haves? Check out our events collection for more inspiration and products. 

And from all of us here at Specialist ID, we hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
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