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The Importance of ID Cards in School

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Recently there has been a much greater awareness in the country regarding school security and school safety. Violence on campuses at all education levels has increased dramatically. This violence comes not only from outside forces but from within as well. Students, parents, and even faculty are associated with this increase and more and more communities have recognized the need to take action. One way that those communities have decided to move, in an effort to curb violence and unauthorized access to the school facilities, is the use of school ID cards. Lets take a moment to look in detail at how and why school ID cards are able to be used to help protect students and staff alike.

Having a school ID card system is a cost-effective solution that can increase security without difficult or cumbersome to implement. Installation of access control hardware has been made a lot easier and more economical due to the advent of low-price wireless technology. Even on older campuses which have been using access and ID systems for years, newer system is being installed that are easier to use and much more effective in their operation. No matter if your campus is using electronic access and ID system currently or is looking to upgrade its current security measures by implementing one, school ID cards can be a major step in the right direction.

ID Cards Help to Identify and Control Access for Currently Enrolled Students

Students who are currently enrolled can be easily identified from those who are not, who are from another campus, or who have had certain access privileges revoked with school ID cards. Students who are active can easily gain access to the buildings, locker rooms, libraries, cafeterias, auditorium, parking areas, and other facilities while those who are not enrolled at your particular campus cannot. Having a school ID card that is worn at all times can also help security and resource staff identify individuals that are not currently permitted to be at the school so they can be addressed appropriately, effectively, and most of all quickly.

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Immediately Identify Staff Members to Increase Safety

If emergencies ever arise on campus, its important that your students are able to quickly identify staff members who are qualified to help and assist with the situation as soon as possible. School ID cards can help play an important role in speeding up the identification process when it matters most when the time is of the essence. As mentioned above with students, having the ability to identify current staff from former staffers, visitors, and others can make securing your campus easier. Staff members who have special skills or privileges can have those items indicated on their ID card/badge to be easily distinguished.

Distinguish Faculty Members and Students from Visitors

With new students and faculty members coming through your doors year after year, being able to distinguish staff and students from guests isnt always easy. Identifying visitors in your institution is critical for taking action if problems ever arise. School ID cards also assist you in ensuring that all individuals on campus have been clearly identified and are accounted for. If a fight or disagreement ever breaks out, visitors will be easily identified right away and can be held responsible for their actions.

ID Cards Grant Access Control

ID cards give schools the ability to determine who should or shouldnt have access to certain areas of your campus and buildings. With modern school ID cards being equipped with access code systems, these cards can even allow for entry to specific rooms only if its barcode has been properly scanned and accepted. The checking of ID cards can also be used to ensure that individuals who are to be attending an event or school trip are who they say they are. Being able to know whether or not students and certain staff members are indeed allowed access to specific areas improves security measures for everyone.

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