Top Photo ID Badge Holders for Law Enforcement

Top Photo ID Badge Holders for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are constantly required to show their ID. 

Whether it’s returning to a precinct or dealing with the general public, law enforcement must be  able to quickly verify their credentials in order to perform their jobs safely and competently.   

But what badge ID holder best suits a law enforcement employee? In this guide we’ll look at the top photo ID badge holders for law enforcement.

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Pen Loop

Consider the average police officer’s uniform: there’s the body armor, the gun holster, the badge, the boots, and often a belt with additional holders for all manner of tools like flashlights, batons, and restraints. 

That’s a lot of gear to keep on one’s person at any given time. So adding a photo ID badge holder needs to blend in seamlessly. That’s where the Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet is a great choice. This product can be worn underneath a shirt for safe keeping, then easily taken out when necessary. When an officer is in hot pursuit of a perpetrator, they can’t have an ID badge jangling around and this necklace-like holder keeps an ID badge out of the way and safe. 

Vertical Badge Buddy Holder

Campus police play a unique role in colleges and universities across the nation. They’re at once a keeper of the peace and the face of safety and security for student bodies. 

That means juggling being personable and part of the greater college community, at the same time as being on call to handle any situation that may arise. An ID badge that’s approachable can go a long way in student/campus police relations. That’s why this Vertical Badge Buddy Holder is a nice option. It allows campus police to put their name front and center with a welcoming photo that they can pin next to their badge so students and faculty aren’t intimidated, but rather reassured, by their presence.

Vinyl Horizontal Arm Band Badge Holder With Elastic Strap

Plain clothes officers who work the streets are operating with the goal of blending in with civilians in order to avoid detection. 

A loud ID on the front of their shirts would blow their cover. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t required to keep ID on them at all times. The answer? A Vinyl Horizontal Arm Band Badge Holder with Plastic Strap. This ID badge easily fits around the bicep and could be worn hidden under a jacket or long sleeve shirt. A plain clothes officer could operate just like any other citizen wearing this and never let on that they’re working undercover. 

Black EK One Hander Holder with Detachable Lanyard

For law enforcement handling security for federal government agencies, the need for a FIPS 201 approved lanyard — a smart card stored identity credential — may be in order. This Specialist ID badge protects this special ID while also allowing it to be scanned without removing it from the holder, an ideal option for those working as a federal employee or contractor. 

Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic

For law enforcement who only want their IDs read when they choose, there’s no better badge holder than the Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic. 

This badge holder obscures IDs until the wearer pinches the Squeeze to Read™ technology allowing the image and wording to become visible. Even better, this badge holder can prevent identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or even card cloning in addition to being extremely durable and safe for saltwater environments. 

Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder with Badge Reel

Some law enforcement personnel have to carry multiple forms of credentials at all times. Keeping those items straight requires a well designed badge holder, and this one is just the solution. 

 A three-in-one card holder, this hard plastic device is carried on a badge reel so a law enforcement officer can easily pull it out and away from a belt on demand. The top window reveals one of the three cards, allowing the other two to remain hidden. Resting securely next to the wearer’s body, this badge holder lets the law enforcement officer keep their IDs handy and safe at all times.

 Interested in other badge holder and badge holder accessories for law enforcement? From badge reels to lanyards, PPE to visitor management devices, Specialist ID has dozens of tools to help those who work on the frontlines serve and protect. 

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