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3 Ways First Responders Can Improve Personal Safety

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In hazardous work environments, personal safety should be practiced by everyone. For first responders, they need equipment and tools that can help them in their line of work. Being on call and getting ready at a moment’s notice means you have to have everything in place beforehand, so preparedness is key.

Here are three ways first responders can improve personal safety.

Wear Reflective Material

At night, it can be hard to see others walking past you, especially outside. Without ample lighting, people can potentially go unseen by cars. Wearing reflective material can lessen this hazard.

A reflective lanyard can be worn to add some visibility to the person wearing it. This material reflects any light, so you will be seen by cars or other passers-by, and they will know to slow down or stop. This lanyard also has a breakaway feature at the end, which comes apart when pulled on. If you were to get caught in a doorknob or some other object, the lanyard will split instead of having it pull on your neck.

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Use an Armband Badge Holder

For those who have to wear identification, an armband badge holder can decrease risky situations. While a traditional lanyard is convenient, it poses a safety hazard when it’s loose and hanging in front of you. It can get caught on heavy machinery or tangled with your hands, slowing down work efficiency. An armband badge holder fits on your arm and displays your ID through the opening.

This allows total freedom of movement for you to work without anything in the way. To put this armband on, just slide your arm through the opening and adjust the elastic strap to the best fit. It will stay on for the entire day without slipping down. This armband is also made of reflective material which is visible at night and allows for others to be aware of their surroundings.

Protect Your PPE

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, helps maintain safety in the workplace. It can include gloves, helmets, goggles, and masks. Masks can be worn to help slow the spread of COVID-19 or for other reasons, such as respiratory safety around smoke or debris. When you need to take your mask off, it can be difficult to find a place to store it.

With a face mask lanyard, you can always have your mask on you. To attach a mask, clip the ear loops to the metal hoops. When you wear the lanyard, you can take off your mask and let it hang. This protects your mask from getting dirty from falling on the ground or getting lost.

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As first responders serve their community and keep others safe, they should also take care of themselves. At Specialist ID, we have the necessary products that improve workplace safety and maintain efficiency. Whether it’s reflective items that increase visibility or ways to protect PPE, you can find it all on our site!

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