Why Industrial Workers Should Transition To Using a Key-Bak Reel for Safety

Why Industrial Workers Should Transition To Using a Key-Bak Reel for Safety

History of The Key-Bak

The original Key-Bak was made in 1948 by the founder of West Coast Chain Manufacturing Co., W.R. Lummis. This self-retracting key reel was made to eliminate hazardous situations for industrial workers. Lummis worked in Los Angeles, CA, on the Pacific Electric Railway as a switchman and witnessed multitudes of workers injured from their keychains getting caught on moving trains.

Through this experience, Lummis created this self-retracting reel to keep the workers' keys close to them to promote safety and avoid pulling their chains on moving trains and machines. This product was first sold to Lummis coworkers and quickly gained great demand among locksmiths in the Los Angeles industrial industry.

Through word of mouth, Lummis devoted his time solely to manufacturing and selling his creation in the California area. As this product began to receive much recognition, many well-known companies like NASA and CalTech adopted this safety feature. As you can see, many companies like ourselves have included this product in our product offerings due to its notability and effectiveness in reducing workplace hazards. 

Ensuring Safety by Using a Key-Bak 

The key-bak has now evolved into many other products. This product can now be used as badge holders and can also protect the individual wearing it. The retractable badge reels intend to use the maximum length needed because the wearer does not have to dwell on unexpected snags.

Not only is this safety feature beneficial for the livelihood of industrial workers, but there is an additional benefit of reducing the loss of keys and easy management of them. Prevention of the snagging on chains and loss of keys creates a sense of convenience for the user.

If an individual owns a Key-Bak, the hassle of removing themselves from being attached to machines, trains, and other objects is eliminated. This eliminates the safety hazard and ensures timely arrival when there seems to be a time crunch or late project completion. Prevention of these things makes life more comfortable and less fearful for everyday industrial workers. 

Specialist ID Offers Products for your Safety & Convenience

Check out our Key-Bak products online that come with a Lifetime Service Policy from the leading company. Each of our designs is made in the U.S. and can be purchased individually or in bulk, including a discount, unlike an individual purchase. 

If you tend to lose your keys, we’ve got the perfect Key-Bak for you. The Super 48 Heavy Duty Key Reel With Belt Clip is great for holding heavier objects that need extra security. It is durable and reliable for the added weight of managing many keys. This key-Bak differs from others because the cord is made of kevlar, which is the same material used in protective vests. This heavy duty badge reel can clip to any belt and has the autonomy to hold up to fifteen keys. It is perfect for industrial workers with a focus on maintenance or security.

As if the Key-Bak couldn’t get any better, we offer a badge reel that is an excellent asset for carrying keys, badge holders, and tool accessories!

The Duty Gear Retractor has a large loop that allows it to attach to any size belt. There is a leather protector included on the product that protects your clothes from ripping or being modified. Its design eliminates that annoying sound of keys clinging and jangling from the retractor.

If you are a draftsman, continuously looking for a pen or pencil, the Pencil Pull Retractable Pencil Reel will reduce this stressor from your everyday work. This product is small in size and made with nylon thread. By keeping this product attached to your clothing, you reduce the worry of searching for a pen or pencil and now won’t find ink or graphite on your clothing when you get back home!

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