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Frontpart Preprinted One Day Self Expiring Badges - Box of 1,000 (P/N T610X)

Frontpart Preprinted One Day Self Expiring Badges - Box of 1,000 (P/N T610X)

$252.00 ea. $252.00 ea.

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Visitor Type: Visitor
Part number: T6103

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  • Part number: T6103
  • Badge front requires a compatible badge back for expiration
  • One-Day expiration for security measures
  • Preprinted Red Text to easily identify purpose
  • Size: 1.9375" x 2.875"
  • Fan folded - 1000 Pack
  • No hardware or software needed
  • Temporary T6104 (Replacement 06104), Contractor T6105 (Replacement 06105), Visitor T6103 (Replacement 06103), Blank T6145 (Replacement 06145)
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Frontpart Self Expiring TIMEbadge - Box of 1,000 (P/N T610X)
Pre-Printed self expiring, manually issued frontpart one-day Timebadge. Easy to identify pre-printed title and enough space below to write in name, date and other necessary information. Size = 2" x 3". Sold in a pack of 1000. No hardware or software needed.


This badge has a one-day time allowance (approximately 12 - 14 hours) before an obvious diagonal red line display appears to indicate expiration. Easy to assemble, this self adhesive badge has a peel away sticker with arrows on the back to indicate the first part to pull apart before sealing the remaining back part. *Backpart is necessary to activate expiration and they are Sold Separately.


Requiring guests to wear a badge clearly displays their purpose from a distance, adding great security measures in a job place, hospital or school where it is crucial to have approval to be there.


This frontpart is compitable with the following backparts: 


T590X Clip-On Backpart with color header 


T6032 Adhesive Backpart 


T59XX Clip-on Backpart with pre-printed header


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