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Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart, Box of 1000 (P/N T59XX)

Product Price: $66.89 Box of 1000

Availability: usually ships within 24 Hours
Part number: T5913A

Enterprise customer placing a bulk order? Please contact us at 1-888-559-1940

    • A series of red bars will appear on the badge front
    • Badge back requires a compatible badge front for expiration
    • Design: Preprinted header
    • Size: 3" x 3"
    • Fan folded - 1000 Pack
    • Part Numbers: T5913 Visitor (Replacement for 05913), T5915 Contractor (Replacement for 05915), T5937 Vendor (Replacement for 05937), T5938 Temporary (Replacement for 05938)

Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart (P/N T59XX)

Expiring clip-on backpart with preprinted header size = 3" x 3. Comes in a pack of 1000.

This backpart is best used with Part Numbers: T6104 One-Day Blank Frontpart and T6151 Thermal Printable Frontpart in order to activate the visible diagonal red lines to appear through the front part to indicate expiration. The necessary front part will easily stick onto the back part. Choose which title (Contractor, Temporary, Vendor, Visitor) works best for your security needs.


Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart, Box of 1000 (P/N T59XX)