5 Best Lanyards To Carry Your Personal Items

5 Best Lanyards To Carry Your Personal Items

Pockets full? Purse too heavy? Anti-fanny pack? Hey, we hear you. With all the gear most of us are toting around these days, it can be maddening to try to find an additional tool to carry personal items. Who needs another bag when most people already have a personal item along with a tote for a laptop? And does anyone want to wear a backpack post-college? Most of them don’t exactly scream business casual.

So what’s a person to do? Turn to the lanyard, that’s what. This simple device is a must-have for carrying personal items, and many are stronger than you think.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the latest, greatest, top of the line lanyards available and how they can free up your hands and get work done.

Mask Lanyard

One of the only items we can’t leave home without these days, masks are a necessity, but an easy one to forget. Never again, thanks to the help of a Specialist ID mask lanyard. Designed to link up to any masks elastic ear loops, mask lanyards help the wearer in three ways:

  • They keep the mask off hygienic surfaces and germ-free.
  • They help people avoid losing this important PPE
  • They help avoid unnecessary contact with the face

Incredibly affordable, this is an additional form of PPE accessible to everyone. 

Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard 

For many people carrying a swipeable ID, a badge is required for doing business. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy personal item to hang on to. Digging in a bag to pull out a scannable ID is a hassle. And then there’s the trouble of possibly losing it. Rather than keeping an ID badge in a billfold or purse, a lanyard such as the Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard from Specialist ID spares the wearer all of that trouble.

The retractable quick lock easily secures the badge. But at the same time, the badge reel allows the badge to stretch out and be reviewed, scanned, or swiped with ease. And not just on devices within arms reach. The cord can stretch 34 inches to make it extra efficient, essential in today’s fast-paced economy.

Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Plastic Swivel Hook 

Some people have to wear multiple badges on any given day for their job. This bulky assortment of identification items can be unwieldy. How do you keep it straight and easily manage presenting the right information at the right time when you have to juggle so many items. 

Answer: The Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Plastic Swivel Hook. Thanks to its adjustable swivel fastener, the wearer can whip assorted IDs around quickly to make accessing spaces swifter. With a turn of the swivel, one can see a different side of an ID badge in a flash. 

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Lanyard with Pen and ID Badge Holder - All in One Neck Lanyards 

Reporters, doctors, teachers, all of these people can relate to the need to have a pen handy frequently. Well, why not wear one of them on your lanyard? This Specialist ID option is just that. 

Hands-free has never been more comfortable with the lanyard with pen and ID badge holder. Now, rather than searching in pockets or behind the ear for a handy writing utensil, lanyard wearers can easily access a pen and take note without losing valuable time. 

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Pen Loop

Wallets are great and all, but let’s be honest, they’re a pickpocket’s best friend. To amp up your security, consider the Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet. This lanyard allows the wearer to store IDs, credit cards, cash, and other slim belongings in a small pouch around their neck. Easy to store under clothing can be concealed, preventing theft and keeping one’s identity secure. 

When a wearer is ready to show an ID badge, they can easily pull out the badge holder with a clear window allowing a person to review it without removing the actual ID card. This adds a level of protection you can’t get from other devices.

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Naturally, these aren’t the only lanyard options available at Specialist ID. The brand carries dozens of lanyards for every possible scenario, from items that hold badges to keys and wallets. And suppose a lanyard is just one item you need. In that case, they also have an extensive range of reels, badge buddies, and other identification tools to outfit yourself personally or an entire staff, available in bulk with discounted pricing to make them accessible to everyone. 

From helping its clients hold on to valuables to encouraging the use of essential PPE items, Specialist ID has the solution to a variety of workplace challenges, especially in this time of crisis. Get a better look at all that’s available by visiting specialistid.com

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