6 Work Accessories That Are Must-Haves In 2023

6 Work Accessories That Are Must-Haves In 2023

For those who still need to report to a physical office or workplace, having the right tools to stay organized—especially with all the extra COVID restrictions and need for PPE—is more critical than ever. From mousepads to ID badge holders, here are 6 must-have work tools you’ll need in 2022.  

1. Topaz DeskGem Mouse pad with Integrated SignatureGem 

Does your job require loads of e-signing? Need to give an excellent digital signature round the clock? Then you need the Topaz DeskGem Mouse pad w/Integrated SignatureGem 1X5 HID-USB T-S981-HSB from Specialist ID. The desktop-sized electronic signature pad fits easily into a workspace and, better yet, doubles as a mousepad, killing two birds with one stone.

2. Hand-Held Slot Punch with Adjustable Guide

If you work in HR, management, or are in charge of new employee onboarding, you need a Hand-Held Slot Punch with Adjustable Guide (3943-1010). This easy to use tool lets you put a 1/2" by 1/8" (13 x 3 mm) punch slot into any ID card. 

Equally great for outfitting a classroom with ID badges as it is an entire staff, your hand won’t get tired after punching 30+ badges. 

3. Vertical Reflective Armband ID Holder 

Are you committed to getting a workout in every day on your lunch break but need to keep your ID badge handy? Forget a workplace lanyard that will flop in your face as you run laps and opt for the Vertical Reflective Armband Badge Holder (R504-ARN). This adjustable, bright orange band keeps ID badges safe and secure while you have full use of your body. Plus, its bright color helps people see you as you workout.

Designed to be comfortable, this badge holder can also be worn outside of a shirt, so you can opt to wear it on the job and when you’re working on your fitness. And it’s clear plastic holder allows security to easily see your photo ID badge.

4. Face Mask Lanyard

Even with the great strides that have been made in COVID-19 vaccination, the world is still not out of the woods yet when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. While you wait to get the vaccine, ensure your own safety on the job by purchasing a mask lanyard. 

Like a regular lanyard but with attachments that connect to the elastic on your face mask, these innovative tools help the wearer prevent unnecessary touching of their face, keep the face mask off dirty surfaces, and help the wearer hold onto their lanyard when eating or in a safe space.

An inexpensive solution to reducing the spread of the virus, this is a must-have item for anyone working on the frontlines or in a high contact industry where social distancing is difficult.

5. Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool 

Not everyone this year got to enjoy the benefits and safety of working from home. For frontline employees, retailer workers, those in the restaurant industries, and more, there was no getting away from the public and with them the concern of germ spread. With any luck, those working in these spaces were provided proper PPE, but for those who want to add to their safety measures, there’s no better tool for it than the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool - Hands-Free EDC Multitool USA Made of Solid Brass. 

This size of a key, this super strong tool allows the user to avoid touching things like doors, toilet handles, or keypads. Like an additional heavy-duty appendage, the hook on the No Touch Door Opener does the heavy lifting for you keeping unwanted germs away.

Never reach for another door handle again with your hands. Instead, grab this smart device and let it do the work for you. 

6. Full Face Protective Shield

Company returning to in-person office work this year? Add an additional layer of protection with a face shield. You can still work easily from your computer or face-to-face while avoiding aerosol spray. It’s a handy item that will make you feel a little safer heading back to the office. 

Want more ideas of must-have work accessories such as badge buddies and badge reels? Head to Specialist ID for a huge inventory of helpful tools.

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