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5 Things To Gift Parents in the Armed Forces This Parents’ Day

The United States Armed Forces constantly put their lives on the line to protect the people of their country. They not only fight for every citizen but for their families as well to secure a brighter future for all. It is an extremely tall order to fill, but these courageous men and women have made it their duty to protect and serve those in need. 

National Parents’ Day is July 25, and it is dedicated to honoring those who put our needs before their own, whether they are near or far away. Even if you missed the actual day, you can thank them for their services to both the country and to their families with a thoughtful and useful gift. Here are five things to gift parents in the armed forces for Parents’ Day. 

Raine Military Armband Holder

The Raine Military ID Armband Badge Holder is an ideal gift for someone in the service. The vinyl clearly displays an ID badge, and the two elastic straps can comfortably wrap around the outside of a uniform. The badge holder allows wearers to be hands-free and to have an easy range of motion. They won’t have to worry about their ID badge falling off when they are out in the field or in extreme environments. It also comes in a multicam color to blend in with a camouflage uniform.

Military Licensed Breakaway Lanyard

These silky officially licensed U.S. Military Breakaway Lanyards make great gifts for those serving or who have served time in the force. These lanyards are equipped with a safety breakaway feature for easy access and use. They are available for each branch of the military: U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and even for Vietnam Veterans. Allow your loved one to represent their branch proudly and with the options of two different designs as the lanyards are double sided. 

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Charlie Foxtrot Camouflage Lanyard

The Charlie Foxtrot Camouflage Military Badge ID Holder Lanyard is a modern gift with a double meaning. The military slang for a chaotic situation “Charlie Foxtrot” is printed on a traditional camouflage lanyard. All the proceeds from the purchases of this item are used to support the “Arma-Wargames” gaming community, a virtual army battle for victory.

Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel

Let your loved one visibly show their love for their country with this red Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel. They would not risk their lives daily if they did not care about their land and the people in it. This badge reel comes in packs of 100 so there is enough patriotic love for the whole family and more.

T-Reign Retractable Gear Tether

For a more active lifestyle, the T-Reign Small Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether is the perfect gift. This practical accessory can fasten to a belt loop or backpack, and it can hold lightweight tools, mini flashlights, mini multi-tools and a four-oz. compass. This is great for navigating through various terrains and when wearers need to keep their hands free. The stainless-steel loop allows them to detach and reattach their items, such as ID badges. There are three different attachment styles to choose from: a carabiner, steel rotating belt clip, and a hook and loop strap.

Not all heroes wear capes, but they can wear a military lanyard or a patriotic badge reel. Show parents in the armed forces that you’re thinking about them for National Parents’ Day. Visit Specialist ID for more inspiration.
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