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5 Patriotic Badge Reels For The 4th Of July And Beyond

With the 4th of July approaching, work events and parties will be filling calendars. For events that require a work ID, conference ID or badge, badge reels make it easy for participants and attendees to display their badges or keep them on hand. For this 4th of July and beyond, here are our top 5 patriotic badge reels.

USA Patriotic Flag B-Reel with Swivel Clip

For the most 4th of July-related badge reel, we offer the Patriotic Flag B-Reel, which portrays an American flag on the belt clip. This durable clip is perfect for Independence Day thanks to its usability and patriotic display. Simply attach a badge to the vinyl strap and then attach the durable clip to your clothing to show off your national pride this 4th of July. 

Additionally, you can strap any form of identification or small multi-tool to this clip and use the flag reel throughout the year—the price, durability, and elevated aesthetic make this badge reel effective year-round.

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Carabiner Badge Reels

If you’re looking for something similar to the flag reel, but with more focus on function rather than patriotism, our premier Carabiner Badge Reel is one of the most popular and versatile badge reels offered. This badge reel is small and light, so professionals who often work on their feet will hardly notice it’s there. You can also attach small items to the clip, making it versatile and useful for more than just work events. Attach any small items you may need while away from home, whether you’re out shopping or attending a 4th of July event. 

Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder

For times that you must carry multiple cards or forms of identification, the 3 Card Badge Holder holds up to 3 ID badges for easy carry. Reels that can hold multiple badges are especially helpful for professionals who are either working during the holiday or are off duty but like to keep their badges with them at all times. Multiple badge holders are also great for security professionals—they enable you to keep track of your badge, ID, and access cards so you always have them when you need them.

Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder

Lanyard fans can use badge reels as well. Our ID lanyard Holder Badge Reel Combo is the best of both worlds. It leaves your identification visible on your chest while still allowing the functionality of reels. These are also helpful in non-work-related activities; for example, volunteers for philanthropic or charity 4th of July events can hang their volunteer badges or access cards from the lanyard for visibility while using the reel for ease of use.

T-Reign Small Heavy Duty Gear Tether

If you prefer your badge reel to be smaller and lighter while maintaining durability, our T-Reign Gear Tether, which is only 1.5 inches wide and houses a Kevlar cord, might be for you. The clip is different from the usual badge reel; instead of a strap clip, the tether features a loop strap that allows room for more items, including small tools, compasses, and, of course, badges. This helps those who celebrate with camping, hiking, fishing, or other hobbies that require small tools. Plus, professionals can keep their tools nearby while on- and off-duty along with their badges. 

Employ these badge reels during any holiday to easily tote your badges, IDs, and even multi-tools. All of our products are designed for durability and practicality, so you can carry what you need without worry. If you need anything or have questions, contact Specialist ID—we’re always happy to help!
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