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Carabiner Badge Reels

Carabiner badge reels are great for retracting photo ID cards, badge holders, keys, and small tools. They can easily clamp onto a belt loop, purse, bag strap and more. Attach to your belt loop and slip the loop through your ID badge holder and your card will always be within reach. Depending on the reel, they carabiner retractable reels can extend anywhere from 24" - 36". The carabiner reel will roll back into itself afterwards. Carabiner reels are great for professional environments which require their employs to display a form of identification and/or carry keys. 


We all know that keeping up with our ID badge and passcards can be a pain in the lanyard. The simple solution has long been to use a badge retractor/holder, but you have to find the right carabiner badge reel for your needs. There are a few things to consider, but this is not a complicated process.

Items such as the length of the extension, type of clip, type of badge connector and more should be taken into account. Snap ring-style clips are great for hooking to a belt loop, purse strap, backpack loop, gym bag strap clip loop, or more. The easy-to-use clip style also makes attaching and un-attaching the retractor quick and simple. Let's take a moment to look specifically at some of the things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for a carabiner-style badge holder and refractor.

Carabiner Badge Reels

Trends come and go in the worlds of identity management, access control, and identity document accessories. At the annual DEF CON gathering of hackers and information security specialists, for example, there is an entire subculture dedicated to fancy badges. In 2019, at the DEF CON 27 event, some of the badges were so elaborate that they featured microcontrollers, electronic ink, motion detectors, complex LED lighting circuits, puzzles, games, and more. Some of the badges are for the event while others are meant to access specific areas; for example, visitors at the car hacking village carried a toy truck badge while the badges of lecturers were LED wrenches.

Each year, DEF CON badges become more ingenious, thus turning them into collector' items. Attendees who carry a 2009 badge designed by Grand Idea Studio will likely be hounded by collectors at every gathering. Since 2006, DEF CON badges have featured miniature electronics, and they are getting heavier, which is why event organizers and attendants have preferred carabiner badge reels for more than a decade.

Carabiner badge reels are great for retracting photo ID cards, badge holders, keys, and small tools. They can easily clamp onto a belt loop, purse, bag strap and more. Attach the carabiner clip to your belt loop and slip the loop through your ID badge holder and your card will always be within reach. Depending on the reel, carabiner retractable devices can extend anywhere from 24 to 36 inches. The carabiner reel will roll back into its case afterward; these reels are great for professional environments that require employees to display a form of identification or carry keys.

Length of Retractor Extension

The length of the extension cord is an important part of selecting a retractor. Many retractor devices on the market are less than 12 inches, and this is not very useful. You should choose retractors with extensions of at least 24 inches. We carry some that extend as long as 36 inches. This is a good time to mention cord quality and the reel itself. Wire spring reels are not very good because they will wear out quickly. You always want to choose a reel that has a solid spring, which is standard in all our devices. Also, make sure that you choose a reel that has a solid nylon or polyester cord since plastic cords can break and cotton ones can jam. All of our units have high-quality solid nylon or polyester cords.

Retractable Carabiners

The most common type of badge or pass card in use today is the popular slot cut style. There are however still those who are using the older mounter vinyl snap strap style. Make sure that you are choosing a retractable badge holder that has the type of connector that you need. You should also take into account if you are going to need to hold access keys on the same retractor or not. Even if the style of the badge that you are using is not a match for the style of connector that is on your favorite item from our catalog, you can always get a ring style adaptor very cheaply from us that can be used between.

If the badge to be carried is a lightweight ID or an access card, our most affordable carabiner reels, the 2120-70XX model, will be adequate; however, their low price and light profile does not mean that they are not durable. Servers at fancy sidewalk restaurants in Miami Beach hang their point-of-sale access cards from these badge reels, and they pull on them dozens of times a day.

Heavy-duty badge reels for security guards and technicians are ideal for carrying multiple keys and even tools; these are the kind of carabiner badge reels that DEF CON badge collectors carry because they secure heavy items and can withstand over 100,000 pulls. Speaking of security guards, we also offer badge reels that can be clipped onto dress or utility belts for easy access while on the job. Our most durable badge reels are proudly designed and made in the USA.

Lanyards With Carabiners

For the ultimate in utility, functionality, and ruggedness, your best option is to combine a carabiner badge reel with a lanyard system, which is exactly what the Black Ek USA 10384 offers. This rugged device features a 100% nylon rope with a 20-inch length that can hold badges, pocket knives, small tools, and even handheld GPS units. This is the kind of badge holding system that soldiers, police officers, and paramedics use, and it includes a breakaway mechanism for safety purposes. The 10384 is fully adjustable and is available in tactical black colors.

Now that you see the benefits of a carabiner-style badge holder with the retractor and what to keep in mind when selecting one, it's time to let us help you process your order for your perfect retractor. Our expert team at Specialist ID is waiting to help you with your order, answer any questions, or provide product selection advice before your order, so please contact us today. We are here to assist you with all of your badge, badge holder, water-resistant and dustproof cases, and document wallet needs

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