5 Visitor Wristbands That Can Simplify Access

5 Visitor Wristbands That Can Simplify Access

Regardless of industry, handling visitors can be a tricky issue. Identifying who can and can’t be on campus sounds easy in theory, but put protocols into practice, and the pitfalls quickly become apparent. For many industries, safety is the concern, first and foremost. Take hospitals and school campuses, with so many visitors and guests coming and going on any given day, protecting patients and students is paramount. 

But visitor management is also about efficiency. If a visitor can be easily spotted, they can be swiftly delivered to the appropriate destination and avoid employee and site interruptions that can slow down business. 

In some cases, badge IDs that indicate someone is a visitor are the most appropriate tool to simplify site access. Specialist ID has made a name for itself in delivering various badge ID solutions to companies in myriad industries. 

But badge IDs — and the associated accessories that go with them — aren’t the only tools available to help make operations smoother when it comes to visitors. 

Visitor wristbands are another option, and in this guide, we’ll look at five visitor wristbands that can simplify access.

Wrist Coil Keychain

Sometimes guests need to be allowed access to a specific part of campus. Rather than merely unlock the door so anyone can roll into a unique space, turn to the classic wrist coil keychains for key access. These handy stretchy wristbands can easily carry a key or keys, allowing a visitor to “check out” a pass to a secure area. Then, once they’re doing their work in the space, they can return it to the proper teammate.

Available in five different colors, you can color-code wrist key access chains for a variety of spaces so staffers can quickly identify where someone is trying to go. Each vinyl strap comes with a 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring, just like you’d find on a traditional keychain for easy use. 

Non-expiring Wristband

Have an event coming up and need to find an ID solution for a large crowd? Consider Specialist ID’s Non-expiring Wristbands. Available in boxes of 1000, these self-adhering wristbands are non-transferable and each labeled with a serial number so you can keep track of guest numbers as people arrive and keep careful attendance records. 

Customizable in four colors, this detail allows you to easily spot who has an official wristband and who doesn’t. To remove, the bands must be cut, another assurance for event organizers who can assume that if a band is tampered with, it’s void.

SPID UBand Proximity Silicone WristBand

Technology has come a long way. While we used to scan ID cards, today, you can access spaces, say a campus bookstore or gym, merely by flashing a SPID UBand Proximity wristband. Comfortable and light, these colorful bracelets contain a 125 kHz proximity chip that allows you to program the band to use it as a proximity ID. 

This feature is ideal for managing visitors. Take, for example, a large tech campus. Have a group of students coming for a site tour? Hand out proximity wristbands so they can move about freely without bothering employees hard at work.

Or, want to give your visitors a perk, like access to vending machines? Proximity wristbands can do that too. 

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Red Elastic Wristband With Crimp and S-Hook

Visitors are often given lanyards with badge holders to display their ID while visiting a company, but if you don't want them broadcasting their names on their chests, you can hand out elastic wristbands with crimp S-hooks so they can wear their IDs on their wrists.

Comfortable and easy to use, these can be ordered in bulk, so you can have plenty on hand depending on the number of visitors you expect to host. 

COVID-19 Pre-Screened Pre-Printed SuperBand® Patient Wristband

Keeping people safe in the workplace is paramount right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing. To ensure everyone’s welfare, many businesses and almost every healthcare facility are pre-screening individuals by taking their temperature or testing them for the virus before allowing them access on-site. 

But only testing them isn’t always enough to keep infections down. The COVID-19 pre-screened patient wristbands are an excellent choice for clinics and healthcare facilities in their ongoing medical triage efforts. 

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Testing sites will find these ideas helpful. Each wristband has a pre-printed calendar number for marking the month and day of testing for accuracy. The locking device holds them securely in place, much like a traditional hospital wristband. 

Available in 8 colors, they can also be divided up by day of the week to make identification that much easier for staff. 

See a wristband solution right for you? Simplify access with any one of the above products, or explore specialistid.com for more ID solutions and guidance on how to go about selecting the best option for your team members and your company. 

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