4 Advantages to having an Armband ID Holder

4 Advantages to having an Armband ID Holder

When you need your ID or credentials on you at all times, a comfortable and secure way to carry them is important. If you work in a job where you’re constantly moving or you’re working with hazardous machinery, this becomes imperative. A lanyard may not be a good option since it can get caught as you navigate through the day. A great alternative is an arm band holder that stays on your arm.

Here are four advantages to having an armband ID holder and the different benefits they provide.

Free Hands

The greatest advantage to having an arm band is allowing the wearer to have their hands unobstructed. While in a hurry, you may get caught in your own lanyard, which can slow you down. Also, getting caught in potentially dangerous machines may not give you enough time to remove your lanyard. Badge holders that attaches to your upper body is helpful in achieving freedom of movement while displaying your ID. The clear vinyl cover keeps your credentials clean and free from the dirt and grime of the workplace.

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Reflective Arm Band

A reflective arm band adds visibility to yourself and stores your ID in a visible location. When weather changes, be confident that your arm band will still be noticeable. In workplaces that have rigorous safety standards, such as factories, having more reflective material on you can be a benefit. The flash of light that reflects from your badge will signal to others that a person is walking by. The straps go around your upper arm and tighten for the best grip. No more worrying about bending and getting your lanyard caught! 

Hold Multiple Items

An arm band also provides some room for other items. For quick trips from destination to destination, it’s convenient to hold your ID, work credentials, and a credit card. Carrying it around your neck when your badge holder is attached to your ID can weigh down your neck cause for strain. Also, the lanyard is loose and your badge holder can dangle more than what you would like. While it’s on your arm, the items stay in place. The need to constantly be rearranging is gone.

Stays In Place

While lanyards are great for easy on and off, an arm band is made to stay in place. There are a variety of arm band holders that have different straps, including velcro and adjustable elastic straps that have a slider. Securing the badge to your arm is easy- just place your ID in the slot and slide up the badge holder. Adjust the straps firmly so it doesn’t slide off throughout the day. Even while moving around, it won’t get in your face or get caught in things such as door handles.

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The advantages of arm band holders are great for those who prioritize ease of access and safety. The global pandemic has made easy identification a necessity for any member of the workforce. Visit Specialist ID to get yours today!

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