3 Airport ID Holders to Maintain Safety Measures

3 Airport ID Holders to Maintain Safety Measures

Working at a busy airport can be fast paced, stressful, and put a person under a lot of pressure with time constraints and deadlines. The airplane travel industry is heavily regulated and time-sensitive. Every operation at an airport is based on a well-timed schedule that encourages productivity, efficiency and safety.

Safety is the number one priority for airline and airport personnel. Without a safe air travel system, many passengers would find other means of getting to their destination.

The Importance of Airport ID Holders

To maintain safety, airports require that all employees wear identification badges to reduce the risk of identity theft and criminal activity and to ease the flow of personnel into and out of secure areas. Airport body scanners and detectors typically will reject a passenger or worker who is wearing anything metallic. Metallic items must be removed before entering secure areas or passing through a security check point.

The airport ID holders offered by Specialist ID are recommended for this reason. Many of our identification badge holder are metal free, allowing airport workers to pass through secured zones without having to remove their id and holder, one less step in the process, and your ID is in a safe and conspicuous spot. This can save time and maintain security.

Top three airport ID holders

1. Top Load Rigid Clear Vertical Badge Holder (AC-915)

The Top Load Rigid Clear Vertical Badge Holder is the perfect choice for airport personnel who need a sturdy and durable ID holder. Made of heavy-duty plastic, this ID holder can withstand wear and tear and protect your ID card from damage. Its clear design allows for easy identification, and it can hold half-sized ID cards. This holder also features a slot and chain holes for easy attachment to lanyards, badge reels, or other accessories. This holder is popular among airport staff who require a strong and secure ID holder.


2. Clear 4" X 7 1/2" Vinyl Vertical Large Badge Holder With Two Pockets (P/N 1840-5052)

The Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder With Two Pockets is another popular airport ID holder from Specialist ID. This holder features a clear vinyl front that allows for easy identification of the ID card. Its vinyl construction is lightweight and flexible, making it comfortable to wear around the neck. The clear back of the holder allows for barcodes or other important information to be displayed without having to remove the ID from the holder. The lanyard wallet is a practical and convenient ID holder for airport staff.

3. Vertical Arm Band Vinyl Badge Holder (504-ARNB and 504-ARNW)

The Vertical Arm Band ID Badge Holder is a unique and functional ID holder from Specialist ID. This holder is designed to be worn around the arm, making it ideal for airport staff who need their hands free while on the job. The holder is available in six different colors, allowing for easy identification of staff members based on their job function or department. The clear vinyl construction ensures easy identification of the ID card, while the adjustable strap allows for a comfortable and secure fit around the arm.



In conclusion, airport ID holders are a crucial accessory for airport personnel, and Specialist ID offers a wide variety of options to meet different needs. These are just a few of the top choices for when it comes to airport security. With their durability, convenience, and functionality, these ID holders are essential tools for anyone working in the airport industry.

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