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Airport ID Holder

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Working at a busy airport can be fast paced, stressful, and put a person under a lot of pressure with time constraints and deadlines. The airplane travel industry is heavily regulated and time-sensitive. Every operation at an airport is based on a well-timed schedule that encourages productivity, efficiency and safety. Safety is the number one priority for airline and airport personnel. Without a safe air travel system, many passengers would find other means of getting to their destination.

After the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration, an arm of the federal government, has taken several steps towards making airports and airplane travel safer for everyone. From pilots to flight attendants to airplane mechanics, the FAA has increased safety measures to ensure that no one can become a threat. Most people who study airplane terrorism know that the people who work for the airlines and airports are the most hazardous because of their knowledge and accessibility.

To maintain safety, airports require that all employees wear identification badges to reduce the risk of identity theft and criminal activity and to ease the flow of personnel into and out of secure areas. Airport body scanners and detectors typically will reject a passenger or worker who is wearing anything metallic. Metallic items must be removed before entering secure areas or passing through a security check point. The airport id holders offered by Specialist ID are recommended for this reason. Many of our identification badge holder are metal free, allowing airport workers to pass through secured zones without having to remove their id and holder, one less step in the process, and your ID is in a safe and conspicuous spot. This can save time and maintain security.

The is available with horizontal or vertical designs for identification badges that must be positioned in either fashion. This permits convenient readability and visual recognition of the badge. These badge holders feature an adjustable Velcro strap that can accommodate varying body types and muscular build. Slip resistant and secure, the holder will not budge even during the most rigorous activity.Our armband airport id holder is worn around the arm and is especially popular with ground crews and cargo airlines. Many airport employees perform very active tasks outdoors. Those who load bags, transport snacks and beverages, position mobile ramp staircases and wave in airplanes for landing are constantly on the go. Wearing an id badge suspended form a lanyard or chain can be hazardous to their health and the well being of airport operations. Id badges that flail from the neck can become caught or snagged on any number of things and a regular clipped on ID can be knocked off your shirt or pocket by luggage. By displaying an id badge from the arm, airline employees can reduce the risk of injury and prevent loss of ID cards.

The rugged design is fit for the sometimes hectic environment but is also very comfortable and unrestrictive. The id badge is inserted from the top opening and is vividly displayed through the transparent vinyl. The design of the armband badge holder with zipper features an enclosure that protects your id badge from dust and moisture. The reflective orange armband badge holderreflects light as an additional safety measure. Employees who work at night can be spotted more easily for their own protection.

If you are working the airport check-in counters or are required to display your ID on your chest, we also carry metal-free lanyards. Be sure to take a look at our earth friendly bamboo lanyards with a recycled plastic hook, or our standard 3/8″ breakaway lanyard with a plastic hook.

Specialist ID offers a variety of airport id holders to suit your preferences and needs. As always, if you have any questions about our airport ID badge holders or any other photo ID related questions, please give us a call at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.