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The Back-To-School Toolkit Every Teacher Needs

The 2021–2022 school year is set to be the best one yet! Teachers and students are back in the classroom and ready to be together again. For teachers, having all of the right supplies ready to go will ensure a great start to the school year. We have sorted out some items you’ll need for the upcoming semester.

Here is the Back-To-School Toolkit every teacher needs!

ID Badge Holder

An ID badge holder protects the badges that you and your students wear daily. Without a badge holder, ID cards fade over time and tear away at the edges. This leads to reprinting ID cards often, which is tedious and expensive. Instead, protect your badge as soon as you get it by putting it in a vinyl sleeve. It will be completely visible and still able to be scanned. Keep spare badge holders in your classroom for new students!

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Hall Pass Lanyards

Visitor safety and managing who walks the hallways of the school is a crucial part of the school day. With hall pass lanyards, your students can wear a bold and visible hall pass to help get them where they need to go. Other teachers and administrators will recognize the hall pass without stopping the student, enabling the student to go to the restroom or nurse’s office without delay. They are made of durable and waterproof material that will last all year!

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Rigid Luggage Tags

There are plenty of versatile uses for plastic luggage tags. Teachers can put them on crates and storage bins to organize what’s inside of them or loop them through laptop cases when they check computers out to students. They are great for writing instructions about how to use the item or package the tag is attached to. Luggage tags create an easy way to identify items, and they can be changed out quickly. Slide out the information card, fill it out with pertinent information or instructions, and slide it back in. The rigid material allows you to move the luggage tag around without it getting worn out with use.

Lanyard and Badge Holder Combo

If you want your lanyard to last all year, getting a heavy duty lanyard is the best way to go. With a rugged breakaway lanyard and rigid card case, daily use will not bring you down! The thick nylon rope that makes up the lanyard is made to be durable and not tear apart the more you wear it. The breakaway feature at the back comes undone when excessively pulled on, which prevents from pulling on your neck if you get caught on something.

The card case detaches from the main lanyard for easy access. The badge holder is double sided and can hold up to two cards. It also has RFID shielding which prevents unauthroized scanning of the cards, which can be a computer security risk for the campus. When the cards are in the case, the are protected from hackers and physical damage like chipping or bending. 

Be prepared when school gets back in session! Have tools that you and your students can use to make the school day fun and safe before the first day begins! With the help of Specialist ID, you and your students will be ready for anything thrown their way this comming school year! 
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