Top 3 Badge Holders Perfect for Back To School

Top 3 Badge Holders Perfect for Back To School

New times call for new measures and in this day and age there are a whole lot of changes to be made. From a pandemic, to virtual learning, and constant mask wearing, it is essential to have the right accessories going back to school in August of 2021. COVID vaccination availability will increase and allow more citizens, other than essential workers, to receive the vaccination. 

We are here to help you find the top badge holders to invest in this year based on functionality, safety, and new measures that will be implemented in our school system. Specialist ID has 3 badge holders essential for the year 2021 that you need to know about!

Immunization Card Holder

The Immunization Card Holder is a great badge holder to present your health immunization record card. The functionality of this badge holder isn’t limited to this. A school entrance ID can be made visible with this product and can hold up to three cards. Convenience and safety is just a few things this product can do for staff and students.

The Immunization Card Holder is most practical for a CDC vaccination card. This protection cover for vaccine record cards is vital in that this economical holder is one of the most popular badge holders we carry with the changes that have occurred in the past year. 

Neck Wallet

Neck Wallets reduce the hassle of losing necessary school identification for students. This form of badge holding is a great alternative to carrying an ID in a backpack pocket or large wallet that makes finding your ID complicated. This product can do more than just carry a school ID. It can store lunch money, hall passes, checks for field trips, and much more.

Having a badge holder connected to a lanyard as the neck wallet does is helpful for easy access to ID. Quick student ID scanning and student confirmation is necessary when entering the premises, or checking out in lunch lines. Sturdiness and customization can come in handy as well.

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Students are always on the go and have extremely high energy. The sturdiness of their ID is essential to prevent loss and damage. Students can have their neck wallet customized, whether it is by presenting a school logo or adding a personal touch to their daily wear. The neck wallet has many functionalities and can be comfortably worn in hallways and classrooms.

Magnetic Badge Holder

Access into school buildings requires a security check to enter the premises. This process can take time for students, staff, and especially for visitor management. Teachers have plenty to carry when entering campus, which causes retrieving an ID to take a while. Rummaging through a briefcase or purse just to find an ID isn’t ideal. 

This kind of unnecessary hold up can cause teachers to be late to their own class. The easy fix is to own a Magnetic Badge Holder to maintain a good representation of timeliness for their students. Security and being on time are both critical. 

The Magnetic Badge Holder is sure to make a good impression on colleagues, peers, and schoolmates alike. Say goodbye to safety pins and hello to this badge holder to eliminate unwanted holes in your attire. Dress for success with this sophisticated form of identification and keep your clothes looking good as new. 

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