4 Badge Holders You Need to Stay Safe on New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve can be just as dangerous as it is exciting. With massive crowds, flowing champagne, and glitter everywhere, it is easy to lose your friends, family, and ID cards in the madness. Specialist ID wants you to enjoy your New Year’s Eve without worrying about a disaster; that is why we have visible, practical, and durable badge holders to help you and your group stay safe amid the chaos!

Check out these four badge holders and find your perfect fit for ringing in 2023.

1. Three Card Vertical ID Badge Holder B-Holder

Specialist ID has just the badge holder for the group's minimalist. With its thin design, this ID badge holder collects three ID cards in one convenient place, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your valuables in the mix. This badge holder also comes with two levers, one for the front ID card and one for the back ID card. This technology allows you to easily access each of your three cards easily and efficiently, making it the perfect New Year’s Eve accessory. 


2. Vertical Reflective Armband ID Holder 

If you are worried about maintaining visibility among your New Year’s Eve crew, look no further for the ideal badge holder. With yellow, orange, and red as the three reflective choices for color, this armband ID holder is hard to miss. Even at night, this product remains visible due to its reflective vinyl. The armband is made of strong elastic, meaning it will fit anyone and hold your ID cards tightly and securely to your person. Armed with this badge holder, you are ready for anything 2022 throws at you.



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3. Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Pen Loop 

This vinyl credential neck wallet is the perfect product for those who prefer to carry more than just ID cards and badges on their night out. It even comes with a pen loop, so you are ready when it comes time to write down your New Years’ resolutions! This wallet is made of lightweight vinyl and attached to a lanyard you can easily adjust to fit your preferred length. With a large zip pocket concealed behind two clear ID card pockets, your most valuable items will be held securely so you can focus on ringing in the New Year.



4. Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder 

If you are worried about getting champagne on your valuables, take advantage of this waterproof ID badge holder. With a security latch on the side, this badge holder will remain locked and secure as it hangs from a comfortable breakaway lanyard around your neck. In addition to keeping your most valuable items safe and dry, this badge holder also comes in a variety of colors. You don’t need to sacrifice your New Year’s Eve outfit for practicality this year; with Specialist ID, you can have both!



No matter where you celebrate the New Year, make sure you keep your valuables secure with a badge holder from Specialist ID. We wish you a safe and happy 2023!

From badge reels to lanyard wallets,visit the Specialist ID website for more products that will keep you safe in the New Year.

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