Top 7 Most Popular Badge Accessories for 2023

Top 7 Most Popular Badge Accessories for 2023

Specialist ID has a wide variety of badge accessories for any activity. 2023 is a new year, with new needs, and we are here to help you find the best badge accessories. From badge buddies to lanyards, we’ve got you covered with these 7 products!

1. Health Immunization Card

4 x 3 vaccination card protector is perfect for keeping the necessary credentials to abide by CDC guidelines. The clear vinyl frame provides visibility to allow for quick health card verification while traveling, accessing ID checkpoints, and more. 

The badge holder is simply made to allow for easy slip through to secure your cards in place. There are holes provided on the holder to attach a lanyard or badge reel to. This will help avoid misplacing your valuable immunization card. 

2. Armband ID Badge 

The laminated armband badge holder is the perfect badge holder for athletes wanting to keep their valuables close. This is also the best ID badge holder for military personnel, airline workers, traffic workers, and more active government working jobs. 

Government workers have to be quick and on the go without worry of dragging around items. This armband is adjustable, flexes with arm movement to avoid losing circulation, and is durable through bad weather. This is a perfect solution for those who can't wear a hanging badge holder that could get in the way and be a safety hazard.

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3. ID Badge Holder with Red Extractor Slide

The frosted badge holder with an extractor slide avoids the hassle of struggling to remove your ID card from a holder. It is secure while inside of the holder and makes retrieval convenient. This badge holder is great for situations where you have to remove your ID to provide a closer look. Some places that practice visitor management may require you to remove your ID in order to grant access. 

This product is perfect if you are needing to carry cards that need to be scanned at a door or credit cards when making payments. This badge holder helps consumers with easy removal. There is a plastic slot on the back to allow users to clip on a lanyard or badge reel. 

4. Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder

The Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Card Holder is a water resistant ID protector. This is an ideal way to keep multiple IDs safe from any water damage. The witz sports case will protect your ID’s, cash, and even hotel keys if you’re staying at a resort with a beach or water park. 

This is virtually indestructible with its waterproof crush-resistant plastic shell that floats when in contact with water. The use is simple by unlocking the clip, placing your items inside, and snapping it together again.

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The O-ring included on the sports case keeps water and sand away. The translucent outside has eight color options to choose from to keep your items visible to others, but fun in appearance. The patented Witz angle design is meant to absorb impact for moments when the badge holder drops.

5. Magnetic Badge Holder

The two-piece ID holder clips over the shirt pocket or coat lapel. The ID is presented on the front, and the magnetic attachment is hidden behind your clothing cloth. This product can be displayed with identification without using your hands to find it or readjust to be visible to others.


The magnetic badge holder is low in cost and can be used for a very long time. We offer bulk discounts for companies needing to provide their entire staff with magnetic badge holders. 

6. Neon Badge Reel

The neon badge reel allows you to customize your reel based on your favorite neon color. The badge reel attaches by a belt clip to your pant pocket, belt, or waistband. There is a vinyl strap to slip through slot punch ID cards, badge holders or key rings. This is sturdy and stays in place. 

The retractable cord gives you a lengthy reach. You can easily access your cards to swipe ID or swipe your magnetic strip card. This trendy assortment of neon color options can be worn in style. Pair the neon badge holder with any attire at events, school activities, the office, and more destinations. 

7. Carabiner No Twist Badge Reel

A Carabiner Badge Reel is a badge reel with an additional feature you won’t find with other badge reels. This product has a no twist design which keeps your ID facing forward. With this badge reel you don’t have to worry about flipping your badge around to present your ID.

The carabiner can attach to a belt loop or bag strap. To remove the badge reel you simply press the release latch on the carabiner. In the case that you need to remove to show your card or swipe it, the retractable cord reached 36” for plenty of reach.

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Specialist ID is here to help you find the best badge accessories for your professional and personal life. We are here to keep your ID intact and visible to others. Visit us today see the variety of options available to you. 

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