Top 3 ID Accessories for Government Offices

Top 3 ID Accessories for Government Offices

Whether it’s local, state, or on the federal level, working for the government is very different from the private sector. Government officials must answer to the public, be transparent, and navigate bureaucracy. They’re at the mercy of budget restraints and complicated hierarchies. That said, government work also gives its employees the chance to make a significant difference in the lives of their constituents. Though change can be slow, it can be an incredibly rewarding career.

But like any specialized role, government work requires its own toolbox of items to do the job well. That can be as complicated as getting specialized credentials for a high security project or  as simple as acquiring a smart badge holder to store one’s government ID. Both are critical to the job and in this guide we’ll look at the latter. 

Considering that government IDs are required on everything from entering buildings, facilities, and top secret spaces, to accessing computers, getting project approval, and validating identification domestically and abroad, they’re pretty important documents. 

Thus the need to keep them safe. For many workers required to wear an ID, that could mean purchasing a lanyard. But for government employees, sometimes more sophisticated ID tools are necessary. Here we’ll look at 3 top accessories for government offices.

Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder (FIPS 201 Approved) 1840-5081

A government employee isn’t just concerned with hanging onto their ID card. They also need to avoid someone else trying to steal it. Criminals have come up with ways to scan a credit card, passport, or ID card in a pocket or bag to steal information. But that can’t happen with the Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder. 

When inserted in this badge holder, no one can scan the card unless the wearer removes it from the case. In the high stakes game of government, an accessory such as this has never been more valuable.

Lock-A-Reel Self Locking PIV Card Reel

Federal employees often must scan their ID badge to access secure spaces, but at the same time are required to have it displayed at all times. This tricky juggling act is made easy with the Lock-A-Reel Self Locking PIV Card Reel. Essentially it locks in place when the wearer pulls it forward. This allows it to be securely attached to a badge reel on the wearer, while also having it fully accessible while working at any terminal. The badge reel attaches easily to a belt so the wearer can have it at arms’ reach at all times. And there’s no tugging it back and forth trying to reach the scanner. As you extend your badge, it self locks at any length and retracts with the simple push of a button.

In buildings that have multiple entries to secured spaces throughout, the Lock-A-Reel Self Locking PIV Card Reel is really the only solution to constantly having to enter and exit with a badge ID. 

Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder with Badge Reel 

For some top officials, just one ID badge won’t do. Their credential requirements might include one, two, or even three different ID badges. So how are they supposed to hang on to all of these important documents at once? The Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder with Badge Reel, of course. This lanyard held badge ID can easily conceal three cards making only the top card visible. Not only does this nicely obscure other IDs, it keeps them all safe and in one spot at once. 

Made from highly durable hard plastic and built with a heavy duty retractable reel, the user can easily pull out each specific card as needed, and thanks to a clever sliding mechanism on the back side, two movable levers can lift up either the single front card or back two cards for retrieval. With this smart device, never again will a government official find themselves searching their pockets for the right ID. 

Specialist ID serves all kinds of clients — teachers, nurses, tech companies, and more. But when it comes to state of the art tools and technology designed to protect identity theft and ensure the safety of ID badges, no company has a better variety of tools at government employees disposal. 

Specialist ID understands that to keep our nation operating smoothly, the men and women who work in our government agencies need to be focused on the tasks at hand, not small worries like keeping track of their badge IDs. That’s why Specialist ID has worked hard to research and vet the latest devices to hit the badge ID market and then only sell those that can deliver. 

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